March 23rd, 2011 Issue

The Player: Lincoln Pilcher

Next time you’re at Georgetown’s Rugby Cafe, say ‘Hi’ to co-owner Lincoln Pilcher, a former rugby player and Ralph Lauren model. In 1999, 20-year-old Pilcher arrived in New York to model and shoot fashion photos. Last week, he shared beer and kangaroo with Australian Prime Minster Julia Gillard. This is Pilcher’s intriguing story.

Washington Galas: From Dolley to the Digital

First Lady Dolley Madison was one of the first Washingtonians to realize the value of a good gala. Today a wider range of gala patrons are on the scene, from ambassadors and businessmen to social media mavens and corporations. But the point of the party remains the same: good times for good causes. Here is a list of The Georgetowner's most anticipated galas this season.

“20 Years, 20 Artists” at The Ralls Collection

The Ralls Collection has assembled another monumental exhibition, significant to the local community and the artistic community at large, which bridges an array of styles and influence into a cohesive and relevant body of works. It is only March, but this exhibition will surely go down as one of the major arts events of 2011.

The Life of a Clown

The elephants and clowns and ponies and performers marched through parts of Washington yesterday for an annual parade that signals the arrival of the circus in town and delights hundreds of children and tourist along the road. Leading the way was Jonathan Lee Iverson, the ringmast, decked out in red-white-and-blue and top hat—the man who gets to say the iconic words at the start of each show: “Welcome Children of All Ages to the Greatest Show on Earth.”

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