New Things to See, Do at Reopened Dumbarton House

Two exhibitions — "Women of Vision" and "The Exchange" — are on view at the 1799 estate, now reinterpreted to focus on the 1810s.

Summer Visual Arts Preview

Here are the museum exhibitions opening this summer that we are most looking forward to seeing.

Open Studios at Jackson Art Center, May 7

The 1890 public school will be filled with art, artists, live music, mural-painting kids and (one hopes) eager buyers this Sunday.

Library of Congress to Show Courtroom Drawings

The special exhibition "Drawing Justice: The Art of Courtroom Illustrations" opens this Thursday, April 27.

Kreeger Museum's Founding Director Looks Back

Judy A. Greenberg spoke this morning at Georgetown Media Group's Cultural Leadership Breakfast at the George Town Club.

Panel and Last Chance: ‘The Great Swindle’ at OAS

You have until Sunday to check out “The Great Swindle: Works by Santiago Montoya” at the Art Museum of the Americas at the Organization of American States on 17th Street.

DC Artswatch

'Art of Legacy' Opening Reception

There will be an opening reception for “Art of Legacy,” a pop-up exhibition in the ...

Dots, Pumpkins and Mirrors: Yayoi Kusama at the Hirshhorn (photos)

Visitors to this major exhibition, on view through May 14, will have the opportunity to discover six of the artist's "Infinity Room."

Toulouse-Lautrec at the Phillips Collection

This exhibition of the influential Post-Impressionist’s iconic and rare printed works is on view through April 30.

New Director at American Art Museum

Effective April 3, Stephanie Stebich succeeds Elizabeth Broun, who retired last fall after 27 years.

Dumbarton House Offers Hard-Hat Tour, Talk

Closed for a construction project, the Federal-period museum in Georgetown will reopen in April.

'Stuart Davis: In Full Swing' at the National Gallery

The retrospective of one of the deans of American painting runs through March 5.

A Refrain of Triumph Over Adversity: 'The Migration Series'

Jacob Lawrence's epic series is on view in its entirety at the Phillips Collection through Jan. 8.

Events Precede Official Start of FotoWeekDC

The run-up to FotoWeekDC, Nov. 12 to 20, has begun, with events tonight, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

'Scandinavian Pain' at the Hirshhorn

Welcome to America, Ragnar Kjartansson. We are also in pain.

The Newest Smithsonian — With a Move-In-Day Energy

Taking in the new National Museum of African American History and Culture at yesterday's packed press preview.

Musings on the African American History Museum

You can feel a surge, a buzz building in this city about a building.

It is about one thing, and ...

‘The Greeks: Agamemnon to Alexander’ at National Geographic

If somehow we were allowed to redraw the party lines between ancient and modern history in this increasingly secular world ...

William Merritt Chase at the Phillips

The exhibition, subtitled "A Modern Master," runs through Sept. 11.

Meet 'The Geeks' at Nat Geo, July 29

Where else can you hear from "Nat Geo explorers fresh from the field"?

Robert Irwin at the Hirshhorn

The distinction between the rote act of seeing and the evolving eye of one's perception is at the heart of "Robert Irwin: All the Rules Will Change," on view through Sept. 5.

'(Art)Xiomas' at Art Museum of the Americas

In a new era of U.S.-Cuba relations, the exhibition helps audiences to see through the eyes of Cuban artists.

Dumbarton House to Close for Renovations

During the six-month closure, starting Oct. 23, the Federal-period museum's climate-control system will be replaced.

Air and Space Museum Relaunches Milestones of Flight Hall, Plans All-Night 40th Birthday Party

For young or old would-be astronauts, aviators and dreamers, the National Air and Space Museum continues to inspire and amaze — with artifacts that remind its visitors of America's greatness.

Portrait Gallery Adds Babe Ruth to the Lineup

A household name nearly 70 years after his death, the Bambino is the first sports star in the "One Life" series.

Martin Puryear’s ‘Multiple Dimensions’

There is a frequent dilemma in the perception of art that dates back at least to the 19th century. It ...

Jazz and Art for Families, June 4 and 5

At the Phillips Collection, a family-friendly early start to the DC Jazz Festival.

'High Art | Low Art' on Book Hill

Unlikely colleagues, artists David Richardson and Ari Post are sharing a pop-up gallery space in Georgetown.

Book Hill Galleries Open for Spring Art Walk, May 13

The walk has become a seasonal fixture in Georgetown.

Kevin MacDonald's Suspended Moments at the Katzen

The exhibition of works by the late artist is on view through May 29.

'Luminous Landscapes' at the National Building Museum

Alan Ward's photographs seem to bottle transcendence.

'Seeing Nature' at the Phillips

For a long time I’ve harbored a shameful secret: I adore landscape paintings.

As revelations go, that was probably ...

Seeing Nature at The Phillips Collection

For a long time I’ve harbored a shameful secret: I adore landscape paintings.

As revelations go, that was probably ...

Brian Dailey: Challenging Our Instincts

The work of Brian Dailey, who defies conventions as an artist and as an individual, is currently on display at three D.C. venues.

A Sanctuary for Apparitions, in Bronze

There is something exceptionally and uniquely satisfying about seeing ancient sculpture.

Since the idea of “l’art pour l’art ...

Celebrating Equality and Crafts at House of Sweden

The Embassy of Sweden kicked off 10 years in the House of Sweden with an exhibition on gender equality and a unique show, "Next Level Crafts."

A Sanctuary for Apparitions, in Bronze

"Power and Pathos" brings Hellenistic sculpture to the National Gallery of Art.

Visual Arts Spring Preview

‘Turquoise Mountain: Artists Transforming Afghanistan’ (opens March 5) Freer – Sackler

Decades of civil unrest that began in the 1970s nearly ...

Local Spotlight: Dee Levinson at Touchstone Gallery

If artwork in museums signifies a kind of rooted, historical achievement, then the working artist is the seedling from which ...

200 Recent Gifts Celebrate 25 Years of Photography at NGA

No art form more precisely defines the past century of rapid industrial and technological advancement than photography. After its flowering ...

Museums in Winter: Art Without the Crowds

As we wring the slush off our pant legs and break up the sheets of snow that cover our vehicles ...

Winter Museum Openings

Relatively few museum exhibitions open in the winter months, but here are a few that are taking the polar plunge ...

Freer-Sackler's Raby: a Studious Man Firmly in the World of Art—and the World

Julian Raby of the Sackler Gallery and the Freer Gallery of Art spoke at the Georgetowner's Cultural Leadership Breakfast at the George Town Club Nov. 5.

17 Series at the National Gallery

It is typically single works of art that survive in the public consciousness, becoming the iconic masterpieces by which we ...

Art Collector Olga Hirshhorn, 1920–2015

Olga Hirshhorn, 95, fourth wife of Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden founder Joseph Hirshhorn, died Oct. 3—she served on several boards, including the Hirshhorn and the Corcoran.

GW’s Textile Museum Unravels Identity

Walking through the Textile Museum's new exhibition, “Unraveling Identity,” I became aware of just how meaningful a role fashion ...

'Conversations' at the Museum of African Art

As titles go, “Conversations” is a perfect distillation of the sprawling body of work now on display at the Smithsonian ...

New Exhibitions at D.C. Museums

Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum

“How the Civil War Changed Washington”
 Feb. 2 – Nov. 15 This exhibition examines the social and ...

Whimsy and Worship: the Eccentric Piero di Cosimo at the National Gallery

The National Gallery’s retrospective makes clear that Piero di Cosimo, despite and maybe even because of his eccentricities, was a masterful painter.

El Greco: Transcending the Renaissance

Not much work of the 16th century survives in the realm of intellectual pop culture, yet El Greco endured centuries of obscurity to achieve a sudden transcendence in the early 20th century, and his legacy seems all but fated for the ages.

'Elvis at 21' Photographer Alfred Wertheimer Dies at 84

Alfred Wertheimer made the scene at Govinda Gallery a few years ago in one of its last, major shows. His photos of Elvis Presley at the beginning of his career went on a national tour -- as fresh as the day they were snapped.

Melissa Chiu: 'The Hirshhorn Wants to Lead the Conversation'

The Hirshhorn's new director, Melissa Chiu, spoke at the Georgetowner's Cultural Leadershio Breakfast Oct. 9 about her vision for the contemporary art museum.

Franklin School to Become Modern Art Center

The Franklin School on K Street is about to get a unique revitalization by Eastbanc and the Institute of Contemporary Expression.

James McNeill Whistler Before He Was Whistler At the Freer Gallery of Art

In the summer of 1858, a young James McNeill Whistler (1834–1903) left Paris and set off on a walking ...

Women's History Museum: Reclaiming Missing Half of the Story

In many ways, even though there is still no such thing as an actual, physical place called the National Women ...

‘Munnings: Out in the Open’ At the National Sporting Library and Museum

Sir Alfred James Munnings was among the true masters of equine art. His paintings of foxhunting, racing and equestrian society are benchmarks of the genre. Animal, nature and man come together on his canvases in tenuous harmony, evincing both the grand theatricality and quiet naturalism of equestrian life.

End of Summer Wrap-up

Freer and Sackler Galleries “Perspectives: Rina Banerjee” Through June 8, 2014 The Sackler Gallery will feature the work of Rina ...

Dupont Circle Gallery Walk


2026 R Street NW

Cross Mackenzie Gallery is presenting “Pier Three Warehouse 2012” through ...

Spring into the National Children’s Museum

Now that spring is upon the capital city and parents are looking for activities to entertain the little ones, consider ...

Pollock, Ossorio, Dubuffet at the Phillips Collection

Abstract Expressionism is forever the American art movement. Like the myth of the Old West, with its solitary heroes and ...

Visual Arts: Now & Later

After a few sunless months holed away in electrically heated offices, and with the final weeks of winter testing both ...

Art Soiree Hosts 3rd Annual Cartoonist Exhibit at Malmaison

In tune with inaugural events, Art Soiree showed off the works of editorial cartoonists who drew their inspiration from President Obama's first term.

Book Hill Gallery Walk

Thanksgiving came early this year, and the Christmas lights went up faster than you can say “Black Friday.” The season ...

Exquisitely Evil Arrives at Spy Museum

The Spy Museum celebrates the 50th Anniversary of James Bond with the exhibit "Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains".

Lichtenstein Blockbuster Proclaims Power of Print

In 2012, the work of Roy Lichtenstein has become basically prescient. The relevance of his 50-year-old concept has been widely amplified in recent years by the onslaught of social media and viral networking. Today, everyone shares and manipulates text and image with a personal flourish, from Facebook to Twitter, whose entire structures rely upon a cache of shared, recognizable symbols and icons.

Women's National History Museum Inches Closer to Reality

With a Senate bill, endorsed by Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., longest-serving women in the history of the U.S. Congress, the plan for a women's history museum moves forward.

No ‘Doubt’ about Barbara Kruger at the Hirshhorn

Words civilize us. They separate us fair-haired and dexterous animals of intellect from the world of beasts. A baby’s ...

BELLOWS AND MIRÓ: Painting the Cultural Fabric

Within the stone walls of the National Gallery of Art, the calm, quiet rooms are always cool and astonishingly breezy ...

WAR OF 1812 Gets Its Close-Up at Portrait Gallery

Pop quiz: See if any of these persons, events, battles and none such ring a bell.

Isaac Brock, Tenskewatawa (The ...

Video Games Make It to the Level of Art

We talk a lot these days about the effect of technology--sweeping, growing like mushrooms, constantly changing every nano-second--of our lives ...

Joan Miró's Work Examined in Landmark Exhibition

Joan Miró: The Ladder of Escape, (its final and only venue outside of Europe ) will be on view at the ...

Smithsonian Craft Show Celebrates America's Creative Spirit

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Smithsonian Craft Show Celebrating the Creative Spirit of America which will take ...

Shows of Lights and Darks Elucidate at the Hirshhorn

Museum exhibitions are not always user-friendly. There is an occasional air of intimidation or coldness about them, as if you ...

Tour Like a Local, Live Like a Tourist

If you live here, you’ve probably visited all the major monuments on the mall, and maybe a few of the galleries. It can be easy to take so many great resources for granted, though. Cruise through the National Mall on Duck Boat or Segway, or get up close and personal with hundreds of butterflies and other insects at the National Museum of American History.

The Making of a Museum: The Birth of the Smithsonian

It is ironic that the bastard son of the Duke of Northumberland left the family name on what was to ...

'Elvis at 21' at the National Portrait Gallery

It’s been 54 years since photographer Alfred Wertheimer spent time with a budding, national phenomenon named Elvis Presley, traveling with him to New York, Richmond, Virginia, on a train ride to Memphis and Elvis’ pre-Graceland home. Wertheimer's exhibition captures the most intimate and human photos of the King perhaps ever taken.

Chris Murray on Elvis

Chris Murray, director of the Georgetown's Govinda Gallery and co-curator of the "Elvis at 21" exhibition, now at the National Portrait Gallery, talks about all things Elvis and the Washington art scene.

The Making of a Museum

How the glorious National Gallery of Art got its start when a friend lent Paul Mellon the keys to his apartment.


Pity the National Portrait Gallery and its director Martin Sullivan.

Weeks after mounting the astoundingly comprehensive, direct and illuminating exhibition ...

The Dawn of Photography

The question of art at the dawn of the age of photography was a question that was asked with great passion and answered in infinite ways by several generations of photographers. Two current exhibitions, at the National Gallery of Art and the Phillips Collection, take up the banner of that debate.

'Telling Stories'

Norman Rockwell can't get a break. Every time there’s a big exhibition of his works — as there is now at the Smithsonian American Art Museum — you can bet that someone, somewhere in the art world is going to scream bloody murder. What's behind the animosity?

'Beat Memories'

Consider “Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg,” the new, nostalgic photographic exhibition at the National Gallery of Art.

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