Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Month: Toasting National Margarita Day, Feb. 22

Cinco de Mayo, trips to Mexico, summer, the beach, winter, spring and fall … these are all good occasions to drink ...

Cocktail of the Month: The Bob Marley

Aaaahhhhh! I let out a deep sigh as I leaned back in the cushy, raised lounge chair which served as ...

Cocktail of the Month: Candy Corn Martini

Halloween and the arrival of fall signify an array of delightful holiday pleasures. Whether you fill a bag of trick-or-treat ...

Summertime Refresher: Gin and Tonic

The dog days of summer are upon us, and in Washington that means days hotter than two native black squirrels ...

Cocktail of the Month: The Spirit of Africa

Africa is an exotic continent with an unbridled spirit: a place full of starry-eyed dreams of safari, mystifying native people ...

Cocktail of the Month: Searching for Livingstone

“Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”

On Nov. 10, 1871, journalist and explorer H. M. Stanley muttered these words to David Livingstone ...

Cocktail of the Month

As we kick off a new year, the phrase “out with old, in with new” is often heard. I decided ...

Cocktail of the Month

Without a doubt, winter has arrived in our nation’s capital. Whether it’s a Georgetown preppie clad in cashmere ...

Cocktail of the Month: Peep Show

Folks who arrived in Washington within the last decade would find it hard to imagine what 14th Street looked like ...

Cocktail of the Week: Roasted Pumpkin Spice Margarita

Pumpkin, along with apples, cinnamon and cloves, is one of the classic flavors of fall. The mere mention of this ...

Cocktail of the Month

GOOOOAAALL!!!!! It strikes once every four years – World Cup fever.

People from every corner of the world (even America) are ...

Cocktail of the Month

No matter where you go in Indonesia, you will see them. A small storefront with a counter, a vendor on ...

Cocktail of the Month

Naming cocktails after current events is nothing new, especially in a wonky city like Washington. Whether it’s an election ...

Cocktail of the Month

As Washington – and much of the United States – thaws out from one of the biggest cold spells in recent memory ...

Cocktail of the Month

When one thinks of liquor and Japan, sake immediately comes to mind. With its history dating back to the 700s ...

Cocktail of the Month

I can hear the faint rumble of the ocean over the chill sounds of a mellow reggae beat. The cool ...


In Korea, drinking is a social art. It is enjoyed in groups, at business dinners, family celebrations and nightclubs. When ...

Cocktail of the Month: El Capo

The Negroni is my go-to cocktail. As a person who abhors overly sweet drinks, the Negroni (a mixture of Campari ...

Cocktail of the Month

VINCENT: Did you just order a five-dollar shake? MIA: Sure did. VINCENT: A shake? Milk and ice cream? MIA: Uh-huh ...

La Cusquenita Linda

Peruvians are crazy for pisco. Not only is pisco, a grape brandy produced in Peru, the country’s national liquor ...

Cocktail of the Month: Mezcal Part II, Creamy Cocktails

Cream liqueurs have been popular for decades. The most well known is Irish Cream, a mixture of Irish whiskey, cream ...

Cocktail Of The Week

Folk heroes exist in every culture. Their fame, or sometimes notoriety, varies.In the United States some of our mythical ...

Cocktail Of The Week

Travelers have flocked to Latin America for years as a means of escape. As you head south of the border ...

Cocktail of the Week

On a bitter and chilly night, nothing soothes the soul quite like a toasty warm cocktail. Cold days are not ...

Cocktail of the Week: The Vieux Carre

Unlike Washington D.C., New Orleans wears its quirkiness like a badge of honor.

Cocktail of the Week, Pisco

Superfluous holidays such as Sweetest Day, National Grandparents Day and Boss’s Day are often referred to as “Hallmark Holidays ...

Cocktail of the Week

Just in time for the upcoming summer season, the Museum of the American Cocktail hosted an event last week at ...

Cocktail of the Week: Cocktails and Bar Tales by Mixologist Dale DeGroff

The lively piano notes danced through the air as I walked into the Warehouse Theater. I was greeted with a ...

The Cosmopolitan: Once the "It" Cocktail

Maybe it’s the appealing pink color, the pleasing tart flavor or the swanky glassware. Perhaps it was the four ...

Cocktail of the Week: Conquistador Punch, Born of Spain and Mexico

Tequila is a drink traditionally sequestered to summer sipping. But Dan Searing, a partner in Columbia Heights cocktail bar Room 11, has broken tequila out of its summer rut with his Conquistador Punch, a perfect cocktail for a winter evening

Cocktail of the Week: Iceland's pungent 'black death,' Brennivin

While most travelers are familiar with the many specialty foods of Europe, many of these same countries also make their own specialty liqueurs. During a recent trip to Iceland, I was excited about trying the local spirit: Brennivin, a type of schnapps made from fermented potato mash and flavored with caraway seeds.

Cocktail of the Week: Warming Up to Tom and Jerry

The Tom and Jerry is a hot variation of the holiday staple eggnog, spiked with cognac and rum. But while most people forget about eggnog after December, the Tom and Jerry makes a delightful warmer throughout the cold and snowy months.

Cocktail of the Week

As far as acclaimed drinking establishments in Washington D.C., one place stands the test of time over all others ...

Applejack, Drinking in Halloween

It’s a dark and creepy Halloween night in suburban Maryland. The young trick-or-treaters, gingerly approach their neighbor’s yard ...

The Cactus Colada

As the home stretch of summer kicks in, it’s time to throw that outdoor cocktail party you’ve been ...

Cocktail of the Week

Root beer conjures up pleasant childhood memories for most people. Whether it’s thoughts of a simpler time and a tall frothy mug at a soda fountain café or a creamy root beer float on a hot summer day, many of these remembrances take us back to our younger days.

Cocktail of the Week

Saint Mark’s Square, The Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge are must-see sights for visitors to Venice, Italy. Another ...

Cocktail of the Week

A perfectly crafted cocktail can be considered a work of art. But what about a tipple inspired by a work of art? At Café Atlántico, already known as one of the premier spots in Washington for handmade cocktails, the “The Daisy If You Do” was sparked by Frederic Remington’s sculpture ”Off the Range (Coming Through the Rye).”

Cocktail of the Week

While most drinkers are familiar with beer, wine, and spirits, sake, a rice-based alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin, has an aura of mystery about it. Known as “The Drink of the Gods,” sake is the national spirit of Japan and has been consumed for over 4,000 years.

Cocktail of the Week

As Cinco de Mayo rolls around, many will celebrate the holiday by hoisting margaritas. However, these two traditions, the party and the cocktail, may actually be more American than Mexican.

Cocktail of the Week

As St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, many folks will take part in activities they believe are inherently Irish such ...

Cocktail of the Week

Bourbon Cobbler

Foggy Bottom’s Founding Farmers, along with its sister restaurant Farmers and Fishers, are already known as among ...

Latte di Chocolate di Basil

It’s no surprise that many of Italy’s contributions to the seductive realm of cocktails boast monikers that roll off the tongue like romantic prose … Prosecco, Bellini, Campari, and Negroni.

Yule Glogg

As a new year begins, many Washingtonians are still recovering from a holiday hangover. We make resolutions to diet following ...

The Puerto Rican Zombie

A swim up bar is not the place a cocktail snob typically goes for a quality drink. Usually this fun ...

7-Up Emerald Punch

When I was a child my mother had a punchbowl that came out on special occasions, usually around the December ...

The Northern Spy Cocktail

The holiday season is in full swing. Our calendars are quickly filling up with festive parties, from elaborate formal events ...

Jameson, Dublin Style

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Whisky is liquid sunshine.” If that is the case, then the Emerald Isle of Ireland would be one of sunniest places in the world. While the land of James Joyce has a reputation for rainy weather, the friendly country makes up for its meteorological woes with its world-renowned whiskey.

Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii may be one of Elvis Presley’s most iconic movies. In the 1961 musical, Presley plays a young man, newly released from the Army, who is enjoying Hawaii with his surfboard, beach buddies, and girlfriend. It could be argued that this film set the tone for Presley’s film career: gorgeous women, pretty scenery, dull plots, and plenty of upbeat tunes. The soundtrack for this movie became Presley’s most successful chart album.

Plymouth Julietta

The most recent Cocktail column focused on the early career of Joe Scialom, who tended bar at the celebrated Shepheard’s Hotel in Cairo during World War II, where he invented the tiki-bar staple, the Suffering Bastard as a hangover remedy for his clientele of royalty and celebrities.

Cocktail of the Week

The Suffering Bastard is a curious name for a drink that I’ve seen on numerous menus in Tiki bars and Chinese restaurants. Aside from the humorous moniker, I never really gave this drink much thought. But like many popular cocktails, there’s a story behind this concoction, which belongs to a man named Joe Scialom, who was perhaps one of the world’s most famous bartenders.

The Nica Libre

Rum and Coke may conjure up memories of college fraternity parties or youthful nights sneaking drinks in your parents’ home. It was probably one of the first mixed drinks you tried, back in the day when Natty Boh and Milwaukee’s Best were your choice of beers.

The Stone Fence

What would you think if a man named Mr. Booze lived next door to you? Actually, you should be excited. Jerry Lenoir is the man behind the super fun and retro-hip Mr-Booze Web site.

The Laurel Park

As we slug through one of the hottest summers in memory, a clever and inventive antidote can be found at Art and Soul on Capital Hill, where the latest rage is their uplifting and invigorating Sno-Cone cocktails.

The Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail

"Cocktail" used to refer to one drink: a spirit and bitters diluted with water and sugar to take the edge off. This simple recipe may sound familiar — we now call it an Old Fashioned.

The Barrachina Piña Colada

The Caribe Hilton is one of the most well established resorts in all of Puerto Rico. It's also earned its spot in cocktail history as the birthplace of the piña colada.

Stirred, Not Shaken

Move over, James Bond. Here's how to make the perfect martini.

The Josephine Baker

Famous for her risqué costumes and no-holds-barred dance routines, Baker, an American expatriate, became the talk of Paris during the Prohibition era. She deserves a drink.

The Mermaid Cocktail

The first criteria in building this cocktail was that it had to bubbly - sort of like the upbeat mermaids blowing bubbles underwater.

The Fireside Sour

During a recent seminar at the Museum of the American Cocktail, Tad Carducci demonstrated how to use a variety of spices to give new life to some basic cocktails.

Pina Colada: African Style

While the piña colada origins hail from Puerto Rico, this festive libation is a staple at vacation spots around the globe.

A Spot of Irish Coffee

Watching the staff at The Buena Vista Cafe make Irish coffees is a spectacle in itself.

Champagne and Pearls

Maybe I should have paid more attention in science class. Chemistry sets, atoms, experiments — these projects tended to bore me ...

Spiced Kentucky Pie

Turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries and pumpkin pie. The mere mention of these foods conjures up images of a traditional Thanksgiving ...

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