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Anything but Conventional

The inimitable Ted Koppel was the first major television news anchor to break the tradition, opting not to devote his ...

Thanks, Obama, for This Wacky Campaign Season

Thanks, Obama.

Really. Thanks … for Trump, for Bernie, for an election outside any political norm.

Seriously. This is not some ...

The GroupMe Media Frenzy

A follow-up on The Georgetowner's Aug. 5 special investigation into digital racial profiling in Georgetown, after the Washington Post started a media frenzy by publishing a strikingly similar story.

Trump and Clinton Play Chutes and Ladders

Oh, how Hillary Clinton wishes she were Donald Trump right now.

I mean purely in the media sense, of course ...

D.C.’s New Business Man

Back in the early 1800s, a French writer toured the embryonic United States, just a few decades after independence. It ...

The Taming of the Internet

The last week of February was pretty monumental in the world of free speech.

Let’s start with the win ...

Leonard Nimoy, Spock of 'Star Trek,' Has Beamed Up

Through it all, Nimoy never quite shed the shadow of Spock, and then finally stopped trying as in two books he wrote: “I am Not Spock” and “I Am Spock."

Old School Is Back

Dear Buzzfeed, Suck it.

So, Mr. I’m-too-sexy-for-the-internet: How does it feel to have a grandma teach you to suck ...

Privacy: A Quaint Notion

Nothing is sacred. For those of you inclined, Google tracks your porn searches.

All Things Media: an Open Letter to the Media -- Give Me (Him) a Break

During this Labor Day weekend, let's agree that it's O.K. for you -- and the President -- to take a vacation and to play golf.

All Things Media:

I never took Sara Just for a masochist. The incredibly smart, able, talented and – by the way – thoroughly nice ABC ...

With Record Crowdfunding, Jibo the Robot Ready to Join the Family

Touted as "the world’s first family robot,” Jibo is an MIT creation that is surpassing its fundraising goals. It will be in your home sooner than you want.

Making It All Click

With dizzying energy, Jack’s Boathouse owner Paul Simkin teaches students to move with the latest technology as the director ...

There Is Hope After All

ATM comes not to bury Caesar, but to give a call to action to save him.

Michael Saylor on the Next Great Age of America

The conversation with Michael Saylor, author of "The Mobile Wave," continues with ideas and indications of "the Next Great Age of America."

Michael Saylor: Riding the Mobile Wave

“The mobile wave is going to sweep through and obliterate billions of jobs and millions of small businesses and that ...

Georgetown’s History as a Hotbed for High-tech

Other than the birth of the newspaper whose influence far exceeds its size, Georgetown has an important place in the ...

A Supreme Court Ruling and a Referendum on the Media

Much has been written about the seminal Supreme Court decision to uphold the Obama health care law. But perhaps less ...

Ari Shapiro & Pink Martini

Ari Shapiro, White House Correspondent for National Public Radio, moonlights as a singer in the band, Pink Martini, and last year made the local scene at Bethesda's Strathmore. But the story's a little wilder than that.

The Daily Caller: Leaving Bruises

In the book and then movie Money Ball, a contrarian baseball general manager defies the sport’s orthodoxy to build ...

Web 2.0, I remember that…

It was not so long ago that the buzz in media was all about Web 2.0 – the sharing, the ...

The Outsider

In the not-for-the-faint world of D.C., you do not exist politically if you are not loathed by at least one group. But David Frum is in an elite category – he is hated by both sides of the fence.

The Joint that Joynt Closed

Nathans, the bar and restaurant on the corner of Wisconsin and M Street, seemed to have been there forever, and for many regulars and others anchored in Georgetown, it was a neighborhood staple. “Happiest day of my life when it finally closed,” said Carol Joynt, the last owner.

Media Watching: A Competitive Sport

A quick look back at the year in media so far. Only four months you might say, but what a four months. Reality TV, for instance, has helped turn cupcakes into pastry Google.

The Player: Lincoln Pilcher

Next time you’re at Georgetown’s Rugby Cafe, say ‘Hi’ to co-owner Lincoln Pilcher, a former rugby player and Ralph Lauren model. In 1999, 20-year-old Pilcher arrived in New York to model and shoot fashion photos. Last week, he shared beer and kangaroo with Australian Prime Minster Julia Gillard. This is Pilcher’s intriguing story.

Kaya Henderson Up Close

Kaya Henderson can command a room, as when she went with Gray on a series of town hall meet-and-greets that introduced her to the community. She came in out of her office hands outstretched to sit with me at one of those big long conference tables. This is a woman who doesn’t leave you much room not to like her. She’s direct, with an open, animated face that breaks easily into a smile or laughter. She is also a serious person, whose comfort zone is probably three-hour banter about policy.

The Player: Linda Levy Grossman

The night when the organization bestows awards on the finest actors in DC – this city’s answer to the Tony’s – is one of Linda Levy Grossman’s most inspiring and challenging ventures. “Immediately after the presentation the curtain comes down and I’m wandering around and hearing people say, ‘Gosh. I wish I had seen that,’” she recalls. “And I ask myself how can we lasso that energy and get them to the theater?”

NPR: Eyes on the Prize

There is a new level of irony in Juan-gate at NPR. Senior Vice President for News Ellen Weiss, who spent ...

Washington Wizards Defeat Philadelphia 76ers 116-114 In OT Thriller

The Washington Wizards came back from a 15 point fourth-quarter deficit and defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in an overtime thriller ...

Mr. Potter Goes to Washington

Upon the release of the first movie installment of the last novel in the Harry Potter series. Are we underwhelmed? Or are we just underwhelming?

Reading Tea Leaves at TBD

The announcement of Jim Brady’s departure from TBD is not just the old “different direction” story. It is akin to Roger Ailes leaving FOX, Aaron Sorkin leaving the West Wing, or Steve Jobs leaving Apple. TBD, Brady’s visionary idea for the next great media thing, was a truly online local news organization that leveraged all those much-ballyhooed elements of new media — blogs, linking, social media etc. It really was a different concept.

Veterans Day at Arlington National Cemetery - Photo Gallery

The Veterans Day National Ceremony is held each year on November 11th at Arlington National Cemetery . The ceremony commences precisely ...

NBA: Wizards vs. Cavs photo slideshow

Gilbert Arenas made his first regular season appearance at the Verizon Center as the Wizards battled the Cleveland Cavaliers on ...

FotoWeek DC Goes Global

In its third year, FotoWeek DC has already proven to be one of the most comprehensive and innovative photography festivals, not only in Washington but the world. The week-long festival takes place November 5 – November 13 and is comprised of programs that include monumental photo projections on the façades of DC’s famed architecture, all-night photo experiences, evocative exhibitions of award-winning images, as well as lectures and workshops led by internationally renowned photographers.

Stewart-Colbert Rally

These photos provide a sampling of the estimated 215,000 people that attended a rally organized by Comedy Central talk ...

Bed Bugs: Learnings from the Little Ones

The DC region is already among the top ten areas hit by the recent bed bug infestation, and it’s predicted to approach the notoriously overrun New York City in a year or two. Denizens disturbed by the news should take something from the creatures for a change.

Undercover Dining

The Georgetowner hits the town with WaPo food critic Tom Sietsema, who, depending on what he writes, is either the most beloved or the most reviled man in the Washington restaurant universe.

That's A Wrap: DC's Film Festivals

Each year, there are approximately 75 film festivals in the D.C. area. What's next in your neighborhood?

The Georgetowner's David Roffman Honored for His Work

Voting in Virginia

State of the Media

While every White House correspondent in town was dusting off their tuxedo or getting a blow dry, there was Kitty Kelley in the heart of Georgetown, selling and signing her books for the benefit of the Georgetown/D.C. Public Library.

What's Your Smart Phone App-titude?

Are you getting the most out of your smart phone?

Media Sanctuary

George’s at the Four Seasons salon lands high on the list of places to go that cost that extra dollar but are worth every penny.

Mon, 26 Jun 2017 09:56:26 -0400

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