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The Player: Father John Adams

“Our vision is that we go out of business,” says our July Player, Father John Adams, president of So Others Might Eat (SOME). Adams is the only D.C. leader Bob Madigan and I have interviewed who speaks hopefully of the demise of his organization. And a glance around – inside the O Street building where we sit that provides medical and psychiatric care and across the street to the dining room that serves about 900 meals each day – illustrate the huge vacuum were even two of the 40 SOME facilities to disappear.

The Player: Lynne Breaux

There’s the tireless advocate for the restaurant industry who has raised the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington – and area restaurants - to a sky-high profile. There’s the RAMW president who is passionate, effective and likeable as she works with the DC Council and Congress.

The Player: Richard Goldberg

Dr. Richard Goldberg is a 21st Century Renaissance Man. The Georgetown University Hospital President explores next-generation technology and psychiatry by day, rides motorbikes on his vacations, and reads the classics for fun. At RIS last week, he shared insights that he has gained during 42 years at Georgetown.

The Player: Lincoln Pilcher

Next time you’re at Georgetown’s Rugby Cafe, say ‘Hi’ to co-owner Lincoln Pilcher, a former rugby player and Ralph Lauren model. In 1999, 20-year-old Pilcher arrived in New York to model and shoot fashion photos. Last week, he shared beer and kangaroo with Australian Prime Minster Julia Gillard. This is Pilcher’s intriguing story.

The Power of One

It's been 10 days since the astounding ouster of President Mubarak. Many Egyptians who adopted Tahrir Square as their ...

The Player: Linda Levy Grossman

The night when the organization bestows awards on the finest actors in DC – this city’s answer to the Tony’s – is one of Linda Levy Grossman’s most inspiring and challenging ventures. “Immediately after the presentation the curtain comes down and I’m wandering around and hearing people say, ‘Gosh. I wish I had seen that,’” she recalls. “And I ask myself how can we lasso that energy and get them to the theater?”

The Player: Andre Wells

Andre Wells is at the center of glitzy fundraisers, expensive weddings, and corporate parties. And that’s when he’s not scoping out the hottest hotels and restaurants.

But a glamorous life comes loaded with responsibility. DC's hottest events planner discusses how he thrives when little separates a messy disaster from a memorable spectacle, and much more.

'New' New Years Resolutions

“Ask not what your city can do for you,” said DC Mayor Vincent Gray at his inauguration two weeks ago ...

Speaking with Jaylee Mead

We last spoke to Jaylee Mead in June 2006. Players Jaylee and husband Gil Mead were then thrilled their $35 million gift to the Arena Stage – the largest donation ever to a regional theater – would be announced in less than a week. The retired NASA scientists inspired us with their deep commitment to the arts, and to each other.

The War On Government

Right-wing politicians have stepped up their assault on government spending. But the latest salvo on the war on government came ...

Seven Election Losses

“Save Your Pennies.” Families save for big purchases or tough times. States similarly create “rainy day funds,” and the federal government spent less in prosperous times and more in difficult ones (per Keynesian theory). The New Deal, with its creation of jobs in the Great Depression to rebuild and restore America’s infrastructure, typified this approach.

The Player: Cheryl Masri & Jill Sorensen

D.C. fundraisers are often de rigueur, but “Knock Out Abuse” kicked it up several notches.

The invitation to the November 11 event showcased a design by Shepard Fairey, the creator of President Obama’s iconic “HOPE” portrait. Over 700 women celebrated the ultimate girls’ night out—beaming as men cooed through a megaphone, piling in photo booths, and conga dancing their way into a stunning Ritz Carlton ballroom.

The Mama Grizzlies Are Coming – But Will They Eat Their Young?

A new political animal may be coming to a town and statehouse near you: mama grizzlies. They combine a protective maternal instinct with the power of a large angry animal.

Bed Bugs: Learnings from the Little Ones

The DC region is already among the top ten areas hit by the recent bed bug infestation, and it’s predicted to approach the notoriously overrun New York City in a year or two. Denizens disturbed by the news should take something from the creatures for a change.

Morning in America

The recent bed bug epidemic suggests we’re headed for the developing world, but not on the glamorous Orient Express. In fact, as those ever-richer nations show off the new transport and trappings of wealth, we sink further into poverty.

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