Samantha Hungerford

Walter Reed Army Medical Center Closed

Yesterday, after a century of service, the historic Walter Reed Army Medical Center closed its doors.

DMV Amnesty Program

For a limited time only, the DMV is giving you a break on your overdue tickets.

Chefs Go Fresh

Yesterday, a long row of motorcycles sat in the hot morning sun on the sidewalk framing the doors of Brasserie ...

Ins and Outs

This week, Georgetown seems to be full of “ins” with no “outs.” Business updates from around the neighborhood.

Is This a Bit Too Much?

The latest buzz circling around the Mall isn’t this week’s congressional goings-on, a new display at the National Gallery of Art, or a festival taking place on the green. It’s PETA’s newest, shockingly graphic promotional display titled “Glass Walls,” an initiative backed by Sir Paul McCartney to convince people to go vegetarian or vegan.

Evermay Estate Sold

Evermay has been on the market since 2008, when it was originally listed for $49 million, according to Washingtonian. Although the final listing price was $25.9 million, D.C. Urban Turf reports that its final sales price was $22 million.

Ins and Outs

The latest openings and closings of businesses in Georgetown.

Under One Roof

Peter Hapstak and Olvia Demetriou sit caddy corner to each other at a long table in the main reception room of their Georgetown office. Their dark clothes set off naturally graying hair in that sleek way that people immersed in the world of art and design often possess, and their easy composure is slightly at odds with their surroundings, which are going through an obvious state of transition.

New Public Transportation Sails onto DC Metro Scene

A new alternative to crowded Metro tunnels, clogged streets and pricy cabs is quickly gaining popularity along DC’s waterfront.

Historic Streetcar System Removed

The usually heavily trafficked O and P Streets in Georgetown are, of late, looking more like excavation sites than roads ...

Ancient Roman Statue Unveiled at National Gallery

The famous Capitoline Venus, an ancient and treasured Roman statue, was inaugurated Tuesday in the West Building Rotunda of the ...

Ancient Practices, Modern Applications

Sitting in a white bowl on the front desk of the Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center, a pile of ...

West Elm Makes its Comeback


Georgetown will see the addition of a familiar newcomer to its home goods retail scene. West Elm, a ...

Q&A With Marc Fleisher

How did you get your start in the real estate business?

Marc Fleisher: In 1976 I acquired my real estate ...

Great Local Summer Camps

As it turns out, it is quite possible to give your kids a memorable summer camp experience without shipping them halfway across the country. There are amazing day and stay-away camps right in DC’s back yard.

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