Robert Devaney

Georgetown BID's Bracco Departs

Just weeks after an upbeat annual meeting, Georgetown BID executive director unexpectedly resigns.

Prospect Street Tree Huge Hit; Residents Without Power

We all want to go green, but this is ridiculous. The June 29 storm felled a huge tree on Prospect Street. A traffic-stopper, the tree wins the prize for biggest on the ground in Georgetown but has brought frustration to those who live there.

Breaking News: ‘NewsBabes’ in Fight for Cure Against Cancer

Well, these babes ain’t no blushing types. Washington’s on-air glam reporters and anchors put on a rubicund show ...

Condemned C&O Canal Boat Has Little Chance to Stay Afloat

The beloved C&O Canal boat, the Georgetown, is leaving us. The 19th Century style, mule-pulled, 90-foot cargo boat sits ...

Neighbors Celebrate Scheele's Market's New Life

On June 21, neighbors at 29th and Dumbarton Streets closed the street and met for a sit-down alfresco dinner to ...

It's Official: ANC Formally Approves New Campus Plan

At a special June 14 meeting, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E unanimously agreed to Georgetown University’s 2010-2020 campus plan, as ...

The Historic Tudor Place Receives Preservation Award

For its intensive site-wide archaeological survey, Tudor Place Historic House & Garden has been awarded the District of Columbia Historic Preservation ...

Georgetown Village Opens its Doors to Sponsor Wells Fargo

Georgetown Village celebrated its first major corporate sponsor and thanked Wells Fargo Bank for its $10,000 donation June 21 ...

U of MD Graduate Crowned Miss D.C. 2012

Allyn Rose, a 24-year-old University of Maryland graduate and paralegal studying constitutional law, won the Miss D.C. title June ...

Next 'America's Most Wanted' on Mirzayan Killing, Potomac River Rapist Case

The Christine Mirzayan case has appeared on “America’s Most Wanted” before, but a newly discovered link between this murder and nine other rapes have led to this cold case to be re-assessed.

Congressional Hearing Held at Heating Plant Property Makes Its Point

Hundreds of congressional hearings are held in Washington each year. Administration officials and others sit before House or Senate inquisitors ...

Biz Group's Annual Boat Ride on the Potomac

Cruising under Key Bridge and then down under Memorial Bridge, the group enjoyed food from Dean & Deluca and got a chance to check a new river boat line, Boomerang Tours.

Congressional Hearing at Heating Plant Property Makes Its Point

The House of Representatives held a June 19 hearing in Georgetown -- at the West Heating Plant, at GSA's expense.

Georgetown ANC Formally Approves Revised Campus Plan

At 7:38 p.m. on June 14, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E voted unanimously to approve Georgetown University's 2010-2020 campus plan.

The Meaning of Flag Day for Georgetown and D.C.

While there was a D.C. flag tattoo flash mob, that started today at 5 p.m. at Dupont Circle, there are some serious thing to know about the flag and its role in American history.

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