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Donghia, Luxe Home Furnisher, Moves to Cady's Alley Jan. 1

Another luxury design and home furnishing company -- Donghia -- will make the scene at Cady's Alley in the new year.

It’s Official: Mayor Gray Seeks Re-election

Mayor Vincent Gray made it official Dec. 2: He will seek re-election as Mayor of the District of Columbia. Gray ...

ANC Questions G’town Theater; Names Ellen Steury Commissioner; Sets Dec. 19 Meeting

The Georgetown-Burleith Advisory Neighborhood Commission met Nov. 2 at Visitation Prep and focused on Wisconsin Avenue traffic, Metrorail in Georgetown ...

Last Chance to View Santa Claus Overlooking the Potomac?

Georgetown’s best-known Santa Claus is back on the rooftop of Jack Davies’s Prospect Street house, which overlooks the ...

News Women for Helen Thomas

The American News Women's Club celebrated one of its own -- Helen Thomas -- with a celebratory hanging of artwork by ...

Rose Park's Best Friends

An impressive group of supporters gathered at Tudor Place for the Rose Park Fall Party Oct. 24.

"The vision for ...

Local Favorite Benetton Celebrates Winter

Hometown favorite Benetton showed off its Autumn-Winter 2013 collection at its Georgetown flagship at Wisconsin and M. Some of Washington ...

Last Chance to View Santa Claus Overlooking the Potomac?

Santa Claus is back atop the Prospect Street bluff over M Street, but it may be the last Christmas this inflatable stops in Georgetown.

Muth Murder Trial Postponed to Jan. 6

The Muth saga drags on -- awaiting justice for the murder of Viola Drath -- and highlights "The Worst Marriage in Georgetown," as a New York Times story noted.

Georgetown Senior Center Thanksgiving: 'With a Little Help From My Friends'

"What would you think, if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me? Lend ...

Long & Foster Celebrates 45 Years -- and Wes Foster's 80th Birthday

Real estate powerhouse Long & Foster is celebrating its 45th year -- and the 80th birthday of its co-founder, Wes Foster.

M Street Bike Lane Ready for Set Up

The M Street bike lane is coming, but at least parking for the north side of the street has been saved.

Georgetown to Light Up for Holidays, Dec. 13 to 20

In time for Christmas, the town will celebrate with lights and public art during the week-long Fete des Lumieres Georgetown.

E-commerce Businesses Set Up Shop in Cady's Alley Bazaar

The future of retail and of Christmas shopping is on display with five unique businesses at the pop-up bazaar in Cady's Alley.

JFK, Our Special Georgetowner

The 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22 will be on a ...

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