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Georgetown University Students 'Feel the Bern' at Gaston Hall

Democratic presidential contender Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to a packed room at Georgetown University's Gaston Hall Thursday in what was billed as "a talk on democratic socialism in America."

ANC Supports Georgetown U.'s Franklin School Proposal

Georgetown University's proposal to redevelop the Franklin School downtown into an multi-media arts center just got a boost from the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission.

Birchbox Opens in Rent The Runway

Georgetown's Rent The Runway is upping its game with a new, one-year collaboration with Birchbox, the 5-year-old online subscription service that sends subscribers new makeup samples every month.

One Suspected Assailant Arrested in NE "Twerk" Assault

D.C. police have arrested one of two suspects in an Oct. 7 sexual assault case that went viral after video of the attack was posted online and spread rapidly on social media.

United Bankshares Buys Bank of Georgetown

Earlier this week, United Bankshares announced a $269-million merger deal with Bank of Georgetown, creating what would be the area's biggest community bank.

Sidwell Friends Braces for Westboro Baptist Protests

The Westboro Baptist Church, the near-universally hated hate group known for protesting military funerals and Pride parades, is headed to Sidwell Friends on Wednesday to protest "fag marriage."

Retailers, Restaurants Roll Open at the Shay off U Street Corridor

A flashy new development in Shaw, the Shay, is buzzing with life as retailers and restaurants open their doors and residents begin to move in to condos upstairs.

Georgetown’s Dale Overmyer

Dale Overmyer is a star architect in Georgetown. His tailored suit goes with the role, but his modest, soft-spoken demeanor ...

Inside Bill Dean's Waterfront Miami Compound

The Georgetowner looks inside Bill Dean's Miami Beach property with insights from Dean's architect, Dale Overmyer.

Georgetown BID To Shut Down, Reconsider GroupMe Thread

The Georgetown Business Improvement District said it will take its GroupMe account offline following an August investigative report by The Georgetowner that was picked up by national media last week.

The GroupMe Media Frenzy

A follow-up on The Georgetowner's Aug. 5 special investigation into digital racial profiling in Georgetown, after the Washington Post started a media frenzy by publishing a strikingly similar story.

Warby Parker Lands on M Street

Warby Parker officially opened its brick-and-mortar doors at 3225 M St. NW on Saturday.

With Pope Francis in D.C., Expect Major Road Closures

Anticipation is high for the Pope Francis’s arrival in D.C. tomorrow, but worries over traffic jams may be running higher.

Community Rallies Around G.U. Linebacker During Recovery

Georgetown University linebacker Ty Williams is showing signs of improvement after breaking his neck in a brutal hit during the team’s Sept. 5 game at Saint Francis University.

New York-Based Company to Buy Latham Hotel

Thor Equities, a New York City-based real estate development and investment firm, is under contract to purchase the Latham Hotel property at 3000 M St. NW from SB-Urban for roughly $53 million.

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