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Encyclopaedia Britannica Ends Print Run, Fully Embraces Digital World

We’ve already waved good-bye to video cassettes and pay phones. Now, after 244 years, Encyclopaedia Britannica announced March 13 that it will no longer be printing its reference publications.

Just Another (Even More) Manic Monday

Daylight Saving Time began in World War I to conserve energy. Five years ago, the date in which we change the clocks moved to the second Sunday in March. Regardless of when we have to do it, we have to do it. And, boy, is it tough.

Natural Healing—Just what the Doctor Ordered

Natural medicine is nothing new to Dr. Snejana Sharkar. Growing up, her mother would cure her colds with ingredients in ...

ArtJamz Opens Its First Retail Spot in Dupont Circle

To celebrate its 800-square-foot new, cozy home, ArtJamz hosts “DuPont Studio Launch Sessions” throughout March. For $65, eat, drink and paint while receiving tips and tricks from ArtJamz's "creative enablers."

Public Safety Announcement:

One Georgetown University student was sexually assaulted at 36th and N Streets at 2:15 a.m. on Sunday, February 26, 2012.

Washington D.C. To Host High Speed Rail Summit

To help with job creation and get America moving again (and fast), many are in support of bringing the High Speed Rail to the United States. The HSR will connect major cities together with a 17,000 mile national high speed rail system with an estimated completion date by 2030.

Georgetowner's Mary Bird talks Cats with the Washingtonian

The Georgetowner’s very own society columnist, Mary Bird, was featured in The Washingtonian this week with her two 13-year-old Burmese cats, Sam and Slutie. The article, “Love Your Pets: Crazy For Cats,” written by Gwendolyn Purdom, headlined six D.C. area cat lovers.

Conservatives Pack Powerful Political Schooling for This D.C. Intern

When I woke up on the first morning of the Conservative Political Action Conference on Feb. 9, I didn’t ...

Richard Myrick: 1920 - 2012 (32nd Street)

Richard Myrick died Feb. 2 in Santa Barbara, Calif., where he was born in 1920. A graduate of the Thacher ...

2 New Shops Set to Open in Georgetown

Coming soon to Georgetown, suits and noodles.

Gracious Weddings in the Virginia Countryside

Hidden in the foothills of Virginia are some of the most beautiful and luxurious wedding venues in the country. Say goodbye to destination weddings on beaches in the Caribbean, and say hello to the horses and historical mountain landscapes of the Virginia countryside.

Sites Go Dark in the Fight Against SOPA -- and Win. . . For Now

Did you have any trouble accessing your favorite sites last Wednesday? Wikipedia, Reddit, Mozilla, Wordpress.org, TwitPic, Good Old Games and a couple of handfuls more shut down on Jan. 18 to participate in the largest online protest in history.

Medical Marijuana Program in Washington, D.C. Takes Root

Despite the Controlled Substances Act that makes cultivating, selling and distributing marijuana illegal, the nation’s capital will be welcoming weGrow, a full service hydroponic superstore, in March.

David Rubenstein Donates $7.5 Million to the Trust for the National Mall

The Trust for the National Mall has received a generous donation of $7.5 million from David Rubenstein, the Co-Founder of The Carlyle Group. Rubenstein’s gift will provide funding necessary to repair the Washington Monument which suffered tremendous damage from the 5.8 magnitude earthquake in August. The National Park Service expects to award a contract to repair the 127 year old structure by this summer and complete the work within one year.

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