Michelle Galler

Art of the Noble Notchers

The hobos feared the tramps and the tramps viewed the hobos as suckers for work. Hobos, wandering migrant workers, stopped ...

The Antiques Addict Cure-Alls in Colored Bottles

Distinctive bottles of many shapes and hues, displayed in the windows of medieval apothecaries, lured ailing customers to buy their ...

Storage Solutions in Early Homes: One Size Fits All

The earliest Americans lived in simple, one- or two-room structures where space was meager and life was rough. By the ...

The Antiques Addict: Early American Pottery

Governor Gooch had a secret.

Virginia Governor William Gooch had good reason to hide the truth in his 1732 annual ...

The Antiques Addict: Hooked Rugs, America's Indigenous Folk Art

Early American hooked rugs were a craft of poverty. Prior to 1780, most floors in American homes were bare, especially ...

The Antiques Addict: Staffordshire Portrait Figures

Here in Georgetown, we live in the mother lode of antiquities, an antique community where relics are everywhere we look.

Mixing Health and Hedonism: The Little Washington Spa

The mountains in the early summer light were luminescent. The wildflowers swayed in the morning breeze. And the sun cast ...

Reviving Dead Space

Together with their architect, Christian Zapatka, a champion of period Georgetown buildings, a Georgetown couple pursues a convergence of period architecture and character.

Fri, 29 May 2015 08:16:13 -0400

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