Mark Plotkin

All About Politics: the Hyde-Addison Turmoil

As the Nov. 29 meeting — complete with "Don't Wing the Swing" T-shirts — wore on, the crowd became much more vocal.

All About Politics: Final Analysis of Trump Victory, Clinton Defeat

Clinton could have lost Ohio and Florida and still won. By the way, let's get rid of the Electoral College.

All About Politics: The George Wallace President

The faces in the Trump crowds were exactly the same faces The Georgetowner's columnist saw in 1972 at Wallace rallies in Pennsylvania.

All About Politics: Newt, McAuliffe, D.C. Races

A look at some of the colorful characters on the current scene...

All About Politics: Trump, Hillary, Senate Races, Obama in Kalorama

Will "Hillary Republicans" offset Trump's "silent supporters"? Will the Senate add Democrats? Will the outgoing president feel the sting of taxation without representation?

Pennsylvania Is Clinton’s Keystone State

The state that is the most important for Hillary Clinton to carry is Pennsylvania. In a previous column, I wrote ...

All About Politics: Trump’s and Clinton’s Poll Numbers, Finances

Now that "the polls" are showing him in bad shape, Trump has changed his shtick.

All About Politics: Reading the Voter Demos

White college-educated women who live in the voter-rich suburbs might very well be the group that delivers the presidency to Clinton.

Trump Is A Clear And Present Danger

What started out as a curious, amusing distraction has become a dangerous situation. When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for ...

All About Politics: Trump's Taxes and His Ardent Surrogates

Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie sought to put the ultimate spin on the $916-million loss on Trump's 1995 tax returns.

All About Politics: Reviewing the Debate

Clinton needed a boost, and got one. But watch Trump lash back at the next debate.

All About Politics: Monday Night’s Debate

Clinton must come off as not only smart and well-informed but likable. Any overt display of good manners on Trump's part might very well stun the audience.

As Ohio Goes, So Goes the Nation

It is no coincidence that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump started the official race for the White House (beginning ...

All About Politics: The Washington Post-SurveyMonkey 50 State Poll

A survey taken during most of August across 50 states shows Hillary Clinton within striking distance for that magic number of 270 Electoral College votes.

As Ohio Goes, So Goes the Nation

On Labor Day, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump started the formal race for the White House in Ohio, the ultimate bellwether state in this and every presidential election.

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