Mark Plotkin

All About Politics: Trump’s and Clinton’s Poll Numbers, Finances

Now that "the polls" are showing him in bad shape, Trump has changed his shtick.

All About Politics: Reading the Voter Demos

White college-educated women who live in the voter-rich suburbs might very well be the group that delivers the presidency to Clinton.

Trump Is A Clear And Present Danger

What started out as a curious, amusing distraction has become a dangerous situation. When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for ...

All About Politics: Trump's Taxes and His Ardent Surrogates

Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie sought to put the ultimate spin on the $916-million loss on Trump's 1995 tax returns.

All About Politics: Reviewing the Debate

Clinton needed a boost, and got one. But watch Trump lash back at the next debate.

All About Politics: Monday Night’s Debate

Clinton must come off as not only smart and well-informed but likable. Any overt display of good manners on Trump's part might very well stun the audience.

As Ohio Goes, So Goes the Nation

It is no coincidence that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump started the official race for the White House (beginning ...

All About Politics: The Washington Post-SurveyMonkey 50 State Poll

A survey taken during most of August across 50 states shows Hillary Clinton within striking distance for that magic number of 270 Electoral College votes.

As Ohio Goes, So Goes the Nation

On Labor Day, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump started the formal race for the White House in Ohio, the ultimate bellwether state in this and every presidential election.

All About Politics: Other Candidates, Stunning Statistics, Trump's Travels

There are other candidates on the Nov. 8 ballot, but statistics show who is leading and where. Plus, some late primary results.

All About Politics: Jeffrey Thompson's Sickening Sentence

Reporting from the courtroom Aug. 15, columnist Mark Plotkin calls the Thompson corruption sentence a joke — and a very sad day for justice in the nation's capital.

All About Politics: Trump, Swing States, a Democratic Senate in 2017

Reliably GOP states could be in play and watch where the candidates go. As for D.C., a comment by Michael Barone and a sentencing to come for Jeff Thompson.

Giving It the Old Electoral College Try

Both conventions are history. Now the real presidential campaign begins.

As you know, the magic number — the number of electoral ...

Mark Plotkin's Convention Diary 2016: Delicious Leftovers

Here is a buffet of delicious leftovers from columnist Mark Plotkin's four days in Cleveland and four days in Philadelphia.

Democratic Convention Diary (Final): Clinton Speech Was Superb; Dems' Mood Upbeat, Sunny

On-the-ground coverage from our DNC correspondent Mark Plotkin in Philadelphia: Hillary Clinton's night and her more personal side — and the speech by the father of a fallen soldier to Donald Trump.

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