Marie Loiseau

Mayor Gray Rejects Government Shutdown in the City

With a shutdown possible, Mayor Gray calls all D.C. employee "essential" and takes a stand for the District of Columbia.

Politics and Prose Bookstore: Coming to Georgetown?

Politics and Prose is looking for a Georgetown store. Might it pick the Georgetown Theater property, vacant for years, and transform that business section of Wisconsin Avenue?

Jane Austen Film Festival at Dumbarton House, Sept. 18

Dumbarton House will host the Jane Austen Film Festival on the lawn of its North Garden on Wednesday, Sept. 18 ...

Mayor Gray Vetoes Council's 'Living Wage' Bill

As expected, Mayor Vincent vetoed the proposed Large Retailer Accountability Act of 2013. The District Council needs nine votes to override him.

El Centro: a Mexican Reconquest

The insides of 1218 Wisconsin Ave., NW, have been totally altered. The Third Edition has been booted and replaced by ...

Le Decor

Metallic is shining on this season’s home décor trends. Gold-, silver- and brass-tinted accessories or smaller furniture items create ...

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 06:22:10 -0400

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