Katherine Tallmadge

Scandinavian Midsummer: Feast the Night Away

Swedish cuisine is the ultimate “nouvelle” cuisine. It is simple, fresh, and is naturally local and seasonal. It’s elegant, yet down-to-earth, which is also a perfect description of the Swedish people, and even Swedish design.

Strawberries and Asparagus: A Delicious Opportunity for Health

This is the time of year to revel in the peak ripeness, flavor and nutrition of these springtime delicacies.

Spring Cleaning: Sprucing Up Your Heart, Mind and Soul

Spring is the time of year I make an assessment of my life, my achievements, my mistakes, and how my ...

Eat More Fiber? That Depends!

The Harvard study found that, “dietary fiber may reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular, infectious and respiratory diseases,” published ...

The Science of Slimming, Satisfying, Sumptuous Soups

I love soups… Warm… Filling… Comforting… Psychologically Satisfying. What could be better right now than curling up with a hearty ...

Successful Resolutions

People are more successful at achieving their New Year’s Resolutions than widely believed. In fact, a study found the ...

Holiday & Party Strategies

The social butterflies among us are very fortunate in some ways. They’re often out and about, meeting new friends ...

Sweets Strategies: the Science Behind Cravings and What to do About Them

Halloween can trip up even the most conscientious dieter. Last year, this happened to a client who had lost and kept off 20 pounds successfully. The Halloween trap caught her by surprise. She bought several bags of Snickers, her favorite candy bar, and began a binge that didn’t end until the candy was gone – long before Trick or Treating even began! That brought her up a couple of pounds. The holidays came and before she knew it, she had gained almost ten pounds before winter was out.

Fall's Delicious Bounty

The coming of fall is symbolized for each of us by different events and moments: the first turning of leaves, a bracing snap of cool air, rediscovering a favorite sweater, children returning to school, the palpable shortening of September and October days.

Back-to-School Lunch Box Ideas from Washington’s Top Chefs

Inspire your taste buds (and educate your kids) with the help of D.C.'s culinary elite.

Cool as a Cucumber

It's hot! Add berries to your cereal, peaches alongside your salad or cucumbers on your sandwich for a cool, tasty treat.

Exercising This Summer? Drink This

Just ask dietitian Katherine Tallmadge: Avoiding water loss effects a huge improvement in athletic performance, increases energy levels and decreases recovery time.

Dining Out — Without the Bulge

For some, eating out is a special occasion. For millions of Americans, however, it’s a way of life. And it can present appreciable health problems.

Slimming Down? Books for Dieters

Getting reliable nutrition or diet information is a challenge in today’s information super-highway. Katherine Tallmadge gives her picks of the thousands of diet books out there.

Thanksgiving: A Life-giving Holiday

The coming of the holidays, for each of us, is symbolized by different events and moments: the first turning of ...

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