John Blee

Dvorak and Burleigh at Ellington

“Harry T. Burleigh meets Antonin Dvorak” will be performed at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts April 19.

Paradise and Modernism: Gauguin at the National Gallery

Gauguin fills the National Gallery with some spectacular works that changed the form and focus of art. Gauguin's color greatly influenced the 20th century, and it was unlike anything in earlier European art. When he joined his talents to his quest for a paradise unfettered by modern civilization, his work broke into a powerful dreamscape.

Curating for a Cause and Jackie Cantwell

Jackie Cantwell is a courageous young dynamo in the DC art world who has created Curating For A Cause, an ...

“Shahnama: 1000 Years of the Persian Book of Kings” at the Sackler

The thousand-year-old “Shahnama,” or Persian book of kings, is resplendently represented in a jewel of a show at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery. “Shahnama,” written by the revered ninth century Persian poet Firdawsi, is “in its cultural significance and popularity on equal footing with the works of Shakespeare, Homer and the Mahabharata,” says Massumeh Farhad, chief curator and curator of Islamic art, and organizer of the exhibition.

Abstract Expressionism at New York’s MoMA

Visiting New York right now should include MoMA. The Museum of Modern Art sits in the middle of mid-town Manhattan in an assortment of buildings starting with the first International Style building in America by Stone and Goodwin, to the recent add-on by Taniguchi. With all the adding, the subtraction of this process has been the alteration of the way the original building opened onto the sculpture garden. It was once a real jewel of an urban space. I remember watching Natalie Wood way back in 1966 in MoMA’s garden, during the filming of “Penelope,” blowing bubble-gum.

Returning to Paint

Inscape that has hints of the natural world as well as jewel-fragments is found in the work of Robin Kohlman Fried.

Tom Wolff's Portrait Project

The best photography show currently running in the DC area is Tom Wolff’s portrait series, at the 39th Street Gallery in Brentwood, Maryland.

George Gordon, Architect

Meet the man behind several of Georgetown’s signature structures, including Patisserie Poupon, Bo Concepts and Patagonia.

What's Red, White, Blue and Black: American Modernism and Rothko

The National Gallery doesn't have a strong showing from the American Modernist period. The Shein collection, featuring some of the era's finest works, will help fill in the gap.

Gods and Conservation: Paul Jett at the Freer/Sackler

When Paul Jett first began restoring the Sackler's latest Khmer artifacts, they were covered with detritus of almost 2,000 years.

Hugh and Simon Jacobsen, Architects

Few Washingtonians need introduction to Jacobsen Architecture, the Georgetown firm behind some of the snazziest edifices in Washington and the world.

Secrets of the Double White

White is not a color often featured in Western painting before the 20th century. That is, unless you're visiting the Phillips Collection this summer.

'Art in Congress'

The new exhibit at the WNDC, featuring the artwork of Congressmen and their families, contains some impressive surprises.

Jennie Mann, Realtor

Interviewed by John Blee | May 5, 2010

Jennie Mann is a rising star in real estate sales and works for McWilliams/Ballard. She is the sales manager ...

Georgetown's Antiques

In Georgetown, there is an ample selection of shops selling high-quality curios, relics and treasures that will become part of the personal history of the person acquiring them.

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