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Washington International Horse Show in Photos

The 2013 Washington International Hose Show traditionally features some of the world's top equestrian athletes in a week of ...

35,000 Participate in Army Ten-Miler (photos)

The Army Ten-Miler was a chance to run and boost morale for 35,000, who did not have to change the course once the government re-opened.

National Mall Comes to Life after 16 Day Shutdown (photos)

Sometimes, you don't know what you have until it is taken away. We welcomed the sights of a re-awakened National Mall last week.

Vets Protest Closure of War Memorials (photos)

"The Million Vets March" arrived Sunday to demand war memorials be open -- and was joined by the likes of Sarah Palin, Sen. Ted Cruz, the "lawnmower man" and protesting truckers.

8 Congressmen Arrested During Immigration Rally (photos)

Despite a partial government shutdown, an immigration rally was allowed on the National Mall, resulting in eight House members being arrested along with others.

Capitol Shutdown: Week One in Photos

The Washington D.C. metro area was hit far harder than most during the government shutdown which now enters its ...

Honor Flights for World War II Veterans Continue Despite Shutdown

Veterans keep arriving at their memorials in the nation's capital, especially members of the "Greatest Generation."

Doors Close to Mall Visitors During Shutdown (photos)

Tourists and veterans are locked out of the National Mall after government shutdown.

Turkish Culture on Display at 11th Annual Turkish Festival in D.C. (photos)

The Turkish Festival brought the world and wonders of Turkish culture to D.C. along Pennsylvania Avenue on Sunday.

Georgetown Falls to Princeton Before Sellout Homecoming Crowd

Georgetown University's homecoming football game sees the Hoyas fall to the Princeton University Tigers.

Jim Henson Puppets Donated to the National Museum of American History (photos)

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, the National Museum of American History received a donation of more than 20 Jim Henson puppets ...

National Book Festival 2013 in Photos

The National Book Festival was on the National Mall over the weekend. It gets better each year -- and just received a $5-million donation from David Rubenstein.

Latinos Celebrate Fiesta DC (photos)

Pennsylvania Avenue was festive this weekend, full of sights, sounds and tastes of Latino life in America along with arts, science and diplomacy.

Wreath Laid at Navy Memorial in Honor of Victims of Navy Yard Shooting (photos)

The dozen murdered at the Washington Navy Yard were quietly honored by top military brass and government officials at the Navy Memorial Sept. 17.

Protestors Opposing Attack on Syria Gather Outside White House (photos)

As the world waits for the U.S. and President Obama to act on Syria's alleged use of chemical weapons, protestors take to the streets to protest any military action against the Arab nation.

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