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Jack Evans Report

The September Democratic primary has come and gone and the Council’s summer recess is over. It’s back to school, back to work, and back to reality...literally! After a heated campaign, we have my colleagues Vince Gray as the Democratic nominee for Mayor and Kwame Brown for Chair. And we have an outgoing Mayor Fenty with three more months on the job. Together we face a tremendous challenge right off the bat – rebalancing the fiscal year 2011 budget, which began October 1st.

Jack Evans Report

The primary election is over! Congratulations to Vince Gray, who will be the Democratic nominee for Mayor, and to Kwame Brown who will be the nominee to Council Chair. As someone who has been down this road before, I greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication to our city that went into those successful campaigns, and I look forward to working with them on what is best for our entire city.

The Jack Evans Report

What challenges will the new mayor and city council face as Washington enters the next decade?

The Jack Evans Report

The Jack Evans Report

Jack Evans Report

I’m feeling a little more optimistic these days and wondering if we are turning a corner, at least in one respect, with regard to the economy.

Jack Evans Report

This promises to be a long, entertaining summer in terms of Washington’s number one spectator sport, politics.

The Jack Evans Report, June 30

A reuse of the Hurt Home would be great and very much welcome, but I would like to see it occur in the best possible way for the neighborhood.

Jack Evans Report

States and localities around the nation, of course, are dealing with problems similar to those facing the District: a significant decline in revenues matched up against state and local budgets, which have seen sharp growth through the current decade.

Jack Evans Report

The Jack Evans Report, May 19

Next week on Wednesday, May 26, the D.C. council will vote on the fiscal year 2011 budget. The District ...

The Jack Evans Report, May 5

The anticipation at the Verizon Center last Wednesday night could not have been greater. The Washington Capitals, our great hockey ...

The Jack Evans Report, March 24

Last week, we lost two giants of Ward 2.

While most people have probably heard the news, I want to ...

The Jack Evans Report, March 10

By now homeowners in the District will have received their annual property tax assessment from the Office of Tax and ...

The Jack Evans Report, February 24

It began to snow. And then it snowed and snowed. It stopped then it started again. The record snowfall of ...

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