Gary Tischler

Fall Performance Art Preview 2011

When Arena Stage brought back its hugely successful season and theater opening production of the very-much-a-staple Rodger Hammerstein musical “Oklahoma ...

UkeFest at Strathmore

The Music Center gears up for it's annual UkeFest, where over 800 ukulele players are planned to assemble.

The Kids Farm is Here to Stay

One of the National Zoo's favorite attractions finds a new benefactor.

“Uncle Vanya” at the Kennedy Center

You’re not likely to hear The Three Stooges and Anton Chekhov mentioned in the same conversation. Yet I found myself thinking of Curly and Moe, and Laurel and Hardy, for that matter, and maybe even Lucille Ball at odd moments during the Sidney Theatre Company’s electric, very energetic, and yes, very funny, production of “Uncle Vanya” at the Kennedy Center.

The Show will be running through August 27th starring Cate Blanchett, Richard Roxburgh, Jacki Weaver, and Hugo Weaving.

Government Rating Sinks While the Heat Rises

Somebody once said that just because you’ve hit bottom doesn’t meant there isn’t a basement down below ...

Tribute to a Rock N' Roll Icon

August may be the dog days of summer, but it also has every year now for the past seven years ...

Faces of the Nation: Politics in Art

History surrounds us in Washington, politics is the humidity of our daily lives as much as suffocating temperatures and the ...

Pop Goes the Easel

The Studio 2ndStage production of Pop! extends one week.

'Clybourne Park,' a Mammoth Production

Some time ago, when Woolly Mammoth Theatre first staged a production of “Clybourne Park” by Bruce Norris, it was doing ...

Summer Show Stopper

Who would have thought that fur—event thinking about it, let alone wearing it—would be so popular in town ...

The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Taxed

One of the great literary stories is the relationship—sometimes strained, often competitive—between F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway ...

The Painter, the Veteran, the Actress and the Singer

Amy Winehouse, Lucian Freud, Linda Christian and John M. Shalikashvilli die.

Sports are Simplified by the Reduced Shakespeare Company

The Reduced Shakespeare Company makes sure the world of sports is considered a laughing matter.

Rock of Ages - A Show That Can't be Ignored

The touring version of “Rock of Ages” now at the National Theater for a short stay is probably critic-proof, bullet-proof ...

Dark Clouds Overhead

As local and national governments stall to solve problems, like the debt crisis, a feeling of uncertainty rises.

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