Gary Tischler

Radvanovsky Takes on the Star-crossed ‘Anna Bolena’

The great American soprano Sondra Radvanovsky admits she likes a challenge.

She’s taking one on now as she prepares ...

2012 Fall Performance Preview Part II

The performing arts—all of them-are all about music, movements and moments that add up to magic. In our second ...

A Diva and a Don Start Things Off in a Rich Washington Opera Season

Opera singers are identified by voice—as in soprano, mezzo-soprano, bass, tenor and so on, as if it’s part ...

Constricted on TV, a Political Convention Can Still Be Revealing

In our mulit-media and media-fractured era, the Republican National Convention in Tampa this week still proved an instructive and entertaining event.

Neil Armstrong: From the Heart of America to First Human Steps on the Moon

The first human to walk on the moon was a quiet American hero.

Enough Already: Our Endless Summer

Tired of this long, hot summer? Sick of August? The election campaigns? Why write about this at all?

D.C. Arts Preview: Fall 2012

Fall—inevitably, surprisingly—is coming. Do you want to know how we can tell?

No, it is not all the ...

Turner and Ivins, ‘Red Hot Patriot,’ a Perfect Match

It’s hard to doubt that somewhere in the course of a long career of jabbing Texas politicians and officials ...

Free For All: the Bard's 'All's Well That Ends Well'

One way to tell that the 2012-2013 theater season is just around the corner, if not upon us, is the ...

Perfectly Timed 'Whorehouse': Hypocrisy, Media and Politicians

At Signature Theater, pretty much from the beginning and for the last 22 years, everything old has found a way ...

Entertainment World Mourns Deaths of Director, Comedienne and Singer-Songwriter

A legendary, ground-breaking comedienne, an action-film director and a '60s-style singer have left us and their unique works of art.

Brown and Gray: Women of Our Times

Helen Gurley Brown and Nellie Gray, who died this week, added to the women's movement, each in their own way.

AFI's Tribute to Marilyn Monroe, 50 Years After Her Death

Fifty years after her death, the American Film Institute in Silver Spring offer films that illuminate the persona and talent of Marilyn Monroe.

Freeman: An Actor Who Taught How to Act and to Be Real

Al Freeman was an actor in plays that animated his life and times -- and taught drama at Howard University.

London's Honour: An Olympics So Modern and Remembered

Londoners and the British people can be rightly proud of their Olympics. While a triumph for the United Kingdon, the U.S.A. applauds its athletes who bring home a record count of medals.

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