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Spring Music Highlights

Save The Date: Spring Music Highlights.

Up Close and Behind the Scenes with the Kennedy Center's Mickey Berra

Now in its 41st year, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts presents itself in a rush of ...

Opera Star, But No Diva, Elizabeth Futral

Outside of the mad scene in “Lucia Di Lammermoor” or climbing Mount Everest every year to sing your favorite aria ...

Washington National Opera's Spring Season

Cosi Fan Tutte — Mozart’s dense, stylish, comic opera called by one critic a “mix of comedy and psychological pain ...

The Actor Who Sounds Like Lincoln and Became More

David Selby is not related to Abraham Lincoln, nor is he a Lincoln impersonator. He has been Lincoln, often, on stage, and he has written about Lincoln, most notably in a novel. He has undoubtedly dreamed about him.

Whitney Houston, Beyond the Fame Machine

Houston’s death sent a shock wave through the proceedings, through the land of music videos, and the gathering of pop, rock, hip hop, rap, country music stars and anybody (and is there anybody that hasn’t) who ever heard the first thrilling surge of “I Will Always Love You.”. The song and the images of Houston at her youthful, stunning, energetic peak were everywhere by Sunday and Sunday news time.

Red-Hot Conservative Summit Occupies Deep-Blue D.C.

The hotel teemed with conservatives, many of them young people avidly waving banners, signs and placards, in every nook, coffeeshop, bar, room and speaking room. This was the 2012 gathering of the GOP which just by the look and sound of it was turning into the GOCP—the Grand Old Conservative Party.

Christopher Siebert Comes a Long Way With "La Cage Aux Folles"

“La Cage Aux Folles,” will be winding up its Kennedy Center run at the Eisenhower Theater on Feb. 12.

How to Be Mark Rothko

Actor Edward Gero has spent the better part of the last year playing American Abstract Expressionist painter Mark Rothko, in the intensely thoughtful play “Red.” Gero spoke with The Georgetowner about becoming an iconic American figure.

Passings: Don Cornelius and Ben Gazzara

Over the last week, we lost two American icons. One brought African American culture from into our living rooms, the other was a lauded contemporary of such actors as Paul Newman and James Dean.

In Arena's 'Red,' Actors Energized by Talk, Ideas and Art

“Red,” directed by Robert Falls, the gifted artistic director of the Goodman Theater in Chicago, is a two-character play about Rothko, arguably the star member of the generation of American painters whose abstract expressionist breakthroughs put New York at the center of the art world once defined by Paris.

National Gallery Opens Landmark Exhibits

Pablo Picasso was a master draftsman. Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione paved the road to Impressionism. And at last, we have our French galleries back, offering a renewed showcase for the Chester Dale Collection. And it's all at the National Gallery of Art.

Aye for Newt Spells Double Toil and Trouble for GOP

The GOP primary race remains a wacky brew, although one with fewer fixins. This week, four remain, and the man at the top is not Mitt Romney.

The Voice and Roles of Holly Twyford

If you’ve seen Holly Twyford on stage, talked with her on the phone or during an interview at a coffee shop on 14th Street, or listened to her accept yet another Helen Hayes award for acting, there’s one constant. It’s her voice. 

'La Cage Aux Folles': Glam, Sentimental Musical That Still Dazzles

Gay marriage is a hot-button issue among what’s left of the sorry lot of Republicans running for President. Alongside the debates and elections is the touring production of the successful 2010 Broadway revival of “La Cage Aux Folles,” the 1980s mega-hit musical of gay glitter, glam, romance and divas.

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