Gary Tischler

Ms. Ashley's Profession

The Tony-winning Liz Ashley, writes Gary Tischler, is as brash, direct, self-deprecating, emotive and blunt as ever.

We Remember: A Star, A Poet and A Bruin

The Georgetowner remembers Rue McClanahan, Peter Orlovsky and John Wooden.

Justice is Served in Stevens’ ‘Thurgood’

Laurence Fishburne shines in George Stevens' "Thurgood." Gary Tischler sits down with Stevens to discuss the making of the acclaimed play, and what's next.

Washington's Summer Weekends

A look at what's coming up in the District this summer — politically, athletically and socially.

No Slowing Down for Denyce Graves

A week ago Tuesday, Denyce Graves was in a car, heading toward Dulles International Airport to catch a plane that would take her to Turkey. The opera star is moving up and around the world.

All That Jazz

Gary Tischler visits Charles Fishman, the founder of the DC Jazz Festival, to talk Dizzy Gillespie, Paquito D'Rivera and, of course, the Duke.

The Easy Rider, & A Harley Too

Gary Tischler remembers Dennis Hopper and 'Little Benny' Harley

Trouble Brews In Texas

Kitty Kelley

Georgetowner Kitty Kelley, author of the recent bestseller "Oprah: A Biography," has no plans for her next book, and says she won’t do another. We’ve heard that one before.

A Streetcar Desire

Mayor Fenty is calling the D.C. streetcar plan "one of the pillars of a modern, multi-modal transportation network that will move the District forward."

Evans Out, Another Vincent in Chairman Race

Reports have it that Jack Evans, surprisingly, is not running for the city council chair.

Weekend: Cultural Tourism DC

Cultural Tourism D.C. is holding a two-day celebration of the history and heritage of Washington this weekend, May 22 ...

Remembering Lena Horne

The actress Lena Horne, who passed away last week, brought all of her life experience, her humor and her still-burning bright beauty to center stage.

Studio's 'American Buffalo'

Studio Theatre's departing Artistic Director Joy Zinoman shows again that she get the essentials of familiar material.

Edie Hand in Good Company with 'True Grit'

You won’t find Oprah Winfrey or Kitty Kelley in the book “Women of True Grit,” co-authored by Edie Hand ...

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