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Review: "The Double Game" by Dan Fesperman

A review of Dan Fesperman's spy novel "The Double Game"

War Horse's Puppetry Plays Leading Role

Let's be straight about this: "War Horse" is not the best play ever written. It's not Shakespeare, but ...

Billy Collins: Where Everyday Things Meet Poetry

Collins shares the stage with poet Mary Oliver—who has a new collection called “A Thousand Mornings”—at the Music Center at Strathmore on Sunday, Oct. 28, at 3 p.m.

Near the Finish: at Last, the Last 2012 Presidential Debate

Well, this last in a series of three presidential debates—all of them the debates that will change-alter-decide (pick one ...

George McGovern: Unabashed Liberal and Patriot

The 1972 Democratic presidential candidate who ran against President Richard Nixon has died. Liberal George McGovern was an American patriot in his own right.

Their Final Debate Is the Super Bowl for Obama and Romney

During the second presidential debate Oct. 16, Mitt Romney found that President Barack Obama was totally there and re-energized.

Mezzo-Soprano Laurie Rubin: Hear Her Colors, Feel Her Voice

Hear the unique singing talent of Laurie Rubin at the Millennium Stage in the Kennedy Center Oct. 22.

Epic 'DruidMurphy' by Top Dramatist Explores Irish Emigres

Accents, the way words or dozens of them are said, can carry across the ocean in our times, and so ...

Old and New at the At-large Council Debate

Four of seven candidates for the two open At-large City Council seats showed up for an Oct. 4 debate at ...

Violinist Joshua Bell Reflects on Career and Performing in Washington

Violinist Joshua Bell is no longer the boyish phenomenon of the classical musical world. Now 44 – and still boyishly handsome ...

Our Winning Nats Lose, But the Natitude Remains

Feeling like a jilted lover who still loves the Nats, we celebrate the team that made the post season . . . and baseball.

Salute to Woody Guthrie at 100 at the Kennedy Center

The 100th birthday party for Woody Guthrie at the Kennedy Center was a hootenanny of singers and friends who paid musical tribute to an American legend.

Biden-Ryan: More Important Than Baseball But Less Inspirational

One fellow journalist friend of mine sounded as if he were experiencing a kind of emotional whiplash.

Biden-Ryan or Nationals-Cardinals ...

Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Carrying on the Music of Woody Guthrie at the Kennedy Center, Oct. 14

Talking to Ramblin' Jack Elliott offers a great picture of one of America's beloved singers, Woody Guthrie, as well Elliott himself -- along with the Kennedy Center's Woody Guthrie Centennial Concert on Sunday.

Authentic, Emotional Davies Becomes Janis Joplin for the Night at Arena

The opening night performance had an electric feel to it and an almost total willingness on the part of the audience to join in. Mary Bridget Davies delivered an uncannily authentic performance as singer Janis Joplin.

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