Gary Tischler

Succinct Sportscaster Summerall, a Classic

Pat Summerall was the classic American sportscaster who added a touch of class to each broadcast.

Wright: at His 'Mountaintop,' Playing MLK

What is it like to play Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Ask actor Bowman Wright in Arena Stage's "The Mountaintop."

'Hello, Dolly!' Now at Ford’s Theatre

So nice to see "Hello, Dolly!" at Ford's Theatre -- with its different story lines to sing and tell.

...Now for the Helen Hayes Awards

If you wanted diversity in the theater and in theater awards, then that’s what you got at the 29th ...

Thatcher: Britain's Lioness Whose Roar Was Heard by All

Britain's "Iron Lady," Margaret Thatcher, was one of the 20th century's great leaders.

Annette Funicello: 'America's Sweetheart'

After a long fight with multiple sclerosis, Disney Mouseketeer original Annette Funicello is "dancing in heaven," her daughter said.

'Knave of Hearts' from the Mind and Life of John Carter

Writer John Carter's “I, Jack, am the Knave of Hearts" reveals a Washingtonian's enduring creativity.

'Mary T. and Lizzy K.': an Intimate Lincoln Story

At Arena Stage, “Mary T. and Lizzy K.” continues America's fascination with the Lincolns.

The Nationals Open and Show Baseball's Power

What befits a baseball opening day the most? Well, if you’re a Washington Nationals fan, a perfect opening day ...

Outside the Supreme Court for the Marriage Debate

About 10 to 14 days ago, maybe even last weekend, and for sure Tuesday and Wednesday, America discovered gay marriage ...

At-Large Election Has Heads Spinning Again

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s an election coming up.

It’s yet another special election for the ...

Breath of Fresh Air: Pastor Camille Cook Murray

To some minds, Easter seems like an easy sermon for any Christian minister, priest or even motivational speaker. This particular ...

Joy Zinoman Returns to Studio Theatre for ‘4000 Miles’

Joy Zinoman, looking very cool in various shades of black and gray, was sitting on a couch on the second ...

Studio's '4000 Miles': at Home with Vera and Leo

"4000 Miles," directed by Joy Zinoman, takes us to a Greenwich Village apartment and gives us "a soothing appraisal of sad laughter."

At the National Zoo: Elephants in the 'Hood

When the National Zoo is in the neighborhood, visiting the elephants in their new center gives new meaning to the phrase, "Meet the neighbors."

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