Gary Tischler

The Romney Machine

By the time anyone reads this, the New Hampshire Primary for the Republican Presidential Nomination will be over, unless its closer than the Iowa Caucus, in which eight votes separated winner Mitt Romney and runner-up Rick Santorum.

The Lives We Loved: the List Goes On

Life—or rather death—goes on in the new year of 2012. People we know, have heard of, miss, people of achievement, and just plain old celebrities pass on, as we will too in some year or another. A brief commemoration for those we lost in 2011.

Harry Thomas Resigns: A Somber, Dubious Distinction for D.C. Council

All last year, it seemed, different parts of the District of Columbia government were hanging under a cloud of suspicion, as Mayor Vincent Gray, Chairman Kwame Brown and Ward Five council member Harry Thomas, Jr., await the outcome of federal investigations.

Iowa Is Over: It's Still Romney

At last.

Our long national nightmare is finally over.

No, we’re not talking about Watergate or the Redskins' football ...

'Billy Elliot': Big Show, Big Heart

“Billy Elliot the Musical” started out as a movie, a smallish, critically well received and quite popular English movie about a working class kid who wanted to become a ballet dancer.

Christopher Hitchens & Vaclav Havel

I’ve been reading stories about and obituaries of Christopher Hitchens these past few days.

I was amazed how much ...

Theater Briefs: What’s on Stage this Season

‘Ann’: An Original Played by an Original

I thought I knew Holland Taylor.

She was a lawyer, a judge, a ...

National Zoo Lights Up

When you live in Washington, you’re never more than a few minutes away from some entertaining surprises...

Harry Morgan, Age 96, Wonderful Actor, Wonderful Life.

On Wednesday, December 7,2011, Emmy Award-winning actor Harry Morgan passed away. Best known as Col. Sherman T. Potter in the sitcom "MASH" and the Bullheaded LAPD Officer Bill Gannon in the television drama "Dragnet". He was 96.

Much Ado About a Whole Lotta Stuff

Director Ethan McSweeney’s production of Much Ado About Nothing, which swings to the mambo and samba rhythm of 1930s Cuba, is the latest in a long line of “Much Ados” at the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

The Good Dr. Hall

I got a confession to make.

I’m a huge fan of the long-running CBS crime show “CSI” (for “Crime ...

Manon Cleary Dies at 69

Unless you were a working, writing, painting, drawing, kibitzing, loving, hanging-out member of the Washington art and gallery scene going back to the 1970s up to now, the name Manon Cleary might not immediately ring your memory bell.

Vladimir Potanin Donates $5 Million to Kennedy Center

Potanin, who founded the Interros Company in 1990 and turned it into one the largest private investment companies in Russia, is also a philanthropist, one of those super-rich folks who likes to give large chunks of his fortune away. He signed on to Bill and Melinda Gates’ “Giving Pledge,” which is a promise to give away half of his money. In keeping with that, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts announced last week that Potanin had given a $5 million gift towards the center’s operating and programming budget.

An Interview with Kevin Kline

Near the end of his “Classic Conversations” visit with Shakespeare Theatre Company Artistic Director Michael Kahn, actor and sometime movie star Kevin Kline noted that he loved the big parts, the scary parts.

JFK’s November of Myths and Memories

November in Washington is winter’s harbinger and the keeper of the bitter flame for one of the nation’s ...

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