Gary Tischler

At Kennedy Center, 'Poppins' Cleans Up House

Gary Tischler is not in the least embarrassed to admit that he really, really enjoyed myself at a recent performance of “Mary Poppins,” now at the Kennedy Center’s Opera House.

Dog Days

Georgetown's Dr. Lee Morgan seems like a man who has found his niche, not like a safety net, but rather a place to be everything all at once: a responsible community person who loves what he does.

A Reality Headache

There is a new mental health problem out there. We call it The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. Stress Syndrome.

Council Candidates Ruffle Tenant Feathers

The recent D.C. Tenants Advocacy Coalition city council candidates forum tried to pack in all the council candidates, including Brown and Orange, into one forum, a process that proved to be both unwieldy and illuminating.

The British Invade (Sort Of) at Strathmore

In August, The Music Center at Strathmore hosts its annual tribute gig, this year devoted to the turbulent '60s and the British Invasion.

Musical Magnate Anthony Lyn tackles ‘Mary Poppins’

“Mary Poppins” is a way of life for Welsh tour director Anthony Lyn. A life a long way off from his homeland's famous Swansea Grand Theatre.

Candidates Charge Through Ward 2

Where the District's 2006 election seemed almost dreamily sleepy and below the radar in the summer months, 2010's race has a daily, electric and strange feel to it, covered almost 24-7 by a blogosphere that never lets up.

'Telling Stories'

Norman Rockwell can't get a break. Every time there’s a big exhibition of his works — as there is now at the Smithsonian American Art Museum — you can bet that someone, somewhere in the art world is going to scream bloody murder. What's behind the animosity?

Gauntlet Thrown Down on Education

In the midst of a heated mayoral race, what's next after Michelle Rhee fires 241 DCPS teachers?

Remembering Daniel Schorr

Daniel Schorr, one of the last of the great television and radio reporters, passed away at the age of 93 last week.

The Blue and Gray: 'Vince' Optimistic About Campaign

Vincent Gray sits down with The Georgetowner to share the decisions of his campaign, including why he's running for mayor and not for re-election as city council chairman.

No Stranger to 'Passing Strange'

"Passing Strange," now performing at the Studio Theatre's 2nd Stage, taps into a long tradition of growing-pain and coming-of-age tales. But it also feels and plays as if the whole couple of hours had been lived and imagined right on the spot.

What is Mrs. Warren's Profession?

The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s production “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” is gorgeous to look at, often out-loud funny, even more often sharp and witty and wonderfully acted.


Lypsinka's Studio Theatre performance of “Legends!”, if not legendary, is still a hoot.

Strasburg Syndrome

A group of seniors from the Georgetown Senior Center, still game in their own way, and still reeling with memories from the loss of founder Virginia Allen, took a trip to the ballpark to see Nats phenom Stephen Strasburg.

Tue, 21 Oct 2014 15:58:31 -0400

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