Gary Tischler

"Jekyll and Hyde", a Dull Kind of Madness

This staged rendition of the classic book pulls from too many other influences to have a life of its own.

"The Aliens" at Studio Theatre

Review of Annie Baker's "The Aliens", now at the Milton Theatre at the Studio.

20 DCPS Schools Slated for Closure

Twenty public schools are slated for closure. The District Council is meeting about the planned closures, and other meetings are planned.

One Day for Kwame Brown; Honors for the Nats

We've got Kwame dishonored and put under detention, but Davey get top honors as manager of the Washington Nationals. Spring cannot come soon enough.

Linda Lavin, TV's Alice, Sings Barbara Cook at Kennedy Center

Still busy, still moving, Linda Lavin stops at the Kennedy Center Friday, Nov. 16, to sing Barbara Cook songs.

'Tis the Season for Holiday Arts Previews

Every year the holiday season seems to stretch a little further and longer. In these pages, we will celebrate the ...

Kitty's Gift of Camelot

The scene looked very familiar.

There she was, biographer Kitty Kelley on NBC's "The Today Show," managing to look ...

Colin Powell Waxes Presidential at the Aspen Institute

When Colin Powell walks into a room, you kind of want to sit up a little straighter.

He looked in ...

Old-School Fighters: Royal, Basilio, From Football and Boxing

College football's Darrell Royal and boxer Carmen Basilio were from an earlier time and left us Nov. 7.

The Post-Election Changes of These Still United States

Even today, we don’t know how much hope there is, but we do know that we have a lot ...

Start of Overtures Holiday Concert Series

The S&R Foundation Holiday series kicked off on November 2 and will continue through December.

The Last Day of Obama's and Romney's Low Campaigns

So here we are: the eleventh hour, the last moments, the seal-the-deal times, the end of days, when it comes ...

Michael Pink’s ‘Dracula’ Bites With Primal Passion

Vlad the Impaler, the original real his- torical figure from which sprung Bram Stoker’s fictional , blood-sucking anti- hero and ...

Pollster John Zogby Shares Insight

Pollsters—who have proliferated with every presidential election—are funny people. It turns people just don’t understand them, or ...

Living in Pink

When it comes to illnesses, especially with, but not limited to, cancer, we live in a time of high and ...

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