Gary Tischler

All’s well with “All’s Well”

Almost any production of William Shakespeare’s “All’s Well That Ends Well” is bound to be problematic. That’s because the play is, well, one of those problem plays in the Shakespeare canon — plays which are difficult to stage, about which there are critical misgivings, to say the least. To that category you could probably lend the title “lesser Shakespeare”. They don’t go down well with their after-taste and often don’t play as well as they should because lesser characters sometimes take over the play. Put “Cymbeline” on that list alongside “Pericles”. Perhaps add “Troilus and Cressida,” “Henry VIII,” and even “The Winter’s Tale,” — let alone “Timon of Athens” to which we can only say, when’s the last time you’ve seen that?

‘Circle Mirror’ Shows Promise for Direction of Studio Theatre

David Muse makes his official debut as the new artistic director of the Studio Theater (he succeeds founder and long-time A-D Joy Zinoman) by directing “Circle Mirror Transformation.”

A Political Wrap Up

By Tuesday, you might’ve been deceived into thinking nothing had changed in Washington, D.C. Vincent Gray was still sitting in his accustomed Chairman’s seat as the DC Council returned, preparing to tackle ticklish and problematic issues including a looming budget deficit reported at $100 million.

Vincent Gray Pledges to Unify the City Once Again

After a sound victory over incumbent Adrian Fenty in the Democratic Primary, (almost Mayor) Vincent Gray pledges to unify the city once again and maintains his promise of a transparent administration and an open government. But still no word on what to do with Rhee.

How My Dog Taught Me Politics

How walking my dog four times a day offered a broader forum for local politics than any news outlet ever could, and how simple midmorning discussions reveal the sentiments of an entire city.

The Nearly Forgotten Electorates

In the increased intensity of interest surrounding the District’s mayoral race, the casualties have been the attention paid to ...

A Last Political Parade at Adams Morgan Day

People say the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington is a place where you can find just about everybody – young, old ...

2010 Campaign Notes

That recent Washington Post poll which showed Mayor Adrian Fenty trailing by double figures in his race against challenger Vincent ...

9/11 Remembered

What people remembered about that morning was how incredibly blue the sky was — the kind of gorgeous day it was ...

A Race to the Bitter End

Four years ago, two years ago, last year at this time, or even in the spring, if you suggested to ...

Good Vibrations

With Sarah Ruhl, who penned "The Vibrator Play" at Woolly Mammoth, you’re going to get ambushed at every turn with reveries, lyrical side trips, and unexpected behavior by almost all of the characters. And you'll love it.

Fall Festivals Downtown

Think of September. Think of fall, the falling of leaves, the recessional of summer, and the time before winter. Actually ...

Fenty and Gray Forge Ahead

There’s no question that education is probably the most important issue in this 2010 Democratic Primary election campaign. Mayoral candidates Fenty and Gray are giving it plenty of air time.

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin 'Restore Honor' to Washington

Glenn Beck is coming to town. So is Sarah Palin. They’re bringing about 300,000 folks with them for a major conservative rally called “Restoring Honor,” a fevered brain child of Beck’s originally meant to be about honoring American servicemen.

Fall 2010 Performing Arts Preview

This fall in Washington, everything from vibrators to Verdi is taking the stage. Arts writer Gary Tischler picks the top performances you shouldn't miss.

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