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Andy Rooney Dies at 92

Andy Rooney, who died at the age of 92 last week, was a curmudgeon. The CBS correspondent, who had become an icon to Americans if not the world for delivering intemperate, grouchy, funny and sometimes controversial commentaries from 1978 to 2011, made his attitude of irritation and annoyance so much a part of his shtick, that he turned it into a profession.

Who Wrote Shakespeare?

There’s a class war going on.

It’s not being waged where you might think it is—in presidential ...

Septime Webre on the grace of ‘Gatsby’

Septime Webre is fresh.

Celebrated, influential and exceptionally charismatic, Webre has been the Artistic Director of the Washington Ballet since ...

Project Inspiration

The very definition of a non-profit is the opposite of many of the motives that drive most organizations. It is ...

Obama Touts Jobs Bill, Scolds Congress at Georgetown Waterfront Park

Just before 11:25 a.m., Nov. 2, the presidential motorcade cruised west from the White House along K Street to Georgetown Waterfront Park at 33th and Water (K Street). The podium and sitting were set upon the stylized, walkable labyrinth of the park, apropos of Obama's struggle with his jobs bill push.

Walking the Dog

Tuesday morning, as I accompanied Bailey on his daily constitutional around the two square blocks of Lanier Place, you could ...

D.C. Theater Gears up for the Holidays

Take a sneak peek at what the District’s theaters have in store for this holiday season with festive productions new and old.

'Les Mis' Celebrates 25 Years

Twenty five years ago, an unlikely phenomenon and juggernaut burst on the Broadway musical scene. It had a huge set including a giant barricade from which young revolutionaries battled the powers that be in a sort of Occupy Paris spectacle.

'A Bright New Boise'

For sophisticates, the very hip, cool and urban trendy, there are so many targets in Samuel Hunter’s “A Bright New Boise” (now at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre through November 13) to feel smug, snarky and snide about that it could have been a buffet of satire, enough material for a lifetime of Bill Maher monologues.

Patrick Hewes Stewart and Michael Kahn Draw Crowd

They roped off the street in front of the Verizon Center as thousands of Washington Capitals fans streaked into the building to see Ovie, Semin and other Russians at a hockey game. But for some people—hundreds in fact—that wasn’t the big deal on the street.

Georgetown Observer October 19, 2011

OGB Approves Washington Harbour’s Redesigns and Ice Rink

With a few questions on details, the Old Georgetown Board approved ...

The Nomination Conflagration

The weekly scramble that is the Republican Party’s race to the presidential candidate nomination is as muddled as ever ...

Karen Zacarias on the Drama of ‘Book Clubs’

I took the Green Line Metro to meet with Karen Zacarias for an interview at Arena Stage, where her play ...

Theo Adamstein: Photo Enthusiast for FotoWeek DC

In a time when everyone is seen as being passionate about something, be it ever so trivial, it’s not ...

Al Davis Dies at 85

The Department of THEY DON’T MAKE THEM LIKE THAT ANYMORE, professional football team owners division.

Washington is a town ...

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