Gary Tischler

Al Davis Dies at 85

The Department of THEY DON’T MAKE THEM LIKE THAT ANYMORE, professional football team owners division.

Washington is a town ...

'Occupy DC' Protesters Rally in Freedom Plaza (photo gallery)

Inspired by the "Occupy Wall Street" protests in New York City, protesters gathered at Freedom Plaza in Washington to "Occupy DC" on Thursday October 6. View our slideshow from that protest by clicking on the photo icons below. (All photos by Jeff Malet). View additional photos by clicking here.

The Performing Arts Column


We’re always talking about the richness of theater talent in Washington, but sometimes even we veteran ...

Apple Community Mourns the Loss of Steve Jobs

If there are a billion iPads in the world, then they all must have lit up Wednesday evening with the news, spread through social media wildfire, that Steve Jobs, the great guru of all things tech, died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 56.

Madeleine Peyroux: A True Poet

Peyroux, who performed at the Music Center at Strathmore in September and has a new, highly-original album, “Standing on the Rooftop,” is hard to pigeon hole or categorize. When you tell her that, she seems pleased.

‘Parade’ Shows Our Past and Present Dark Sides

“Parade” (now at Ford’s Theatre through Oct. 30) sounds like a musical, it pretends to be a musical, it ...

The Fewer Terrorists, the Better

When the virulent and high-ranking al-Qaeda leader Anwar Al-Awlaki was killed in target drone strike in Yemen last week, most ...

A Life of Achievement and Service

Roger Kennedy, the former director of the National Park Service, died last week at 85.

"Oklahoma" Takes a Final Bow this Weekend

The extended run of "Oklahoma" at Arena Stage is finally coming to a close. Two of the show's stars speak about thier experience with the production.

Charles Harting Percy: 1919 - 2011

Former Senator Charles Percy died Saturday at the age of 91, succumbing to the effects of Alzheimer’s disease at ...

Till Fellner: Past, Present and Future of Classical Music

There are certain images that come to mind when you think of classical music, and pianist Till Fellner, a rising ...

Daughters of Politics: Kara Kennedy and Eleanor Mondale

The obituaries of Kara Kennedy and Eleanor Mondale.

Looking for a Good Time? 'The Heir Apparent' Puts on a Show

The Shakespeare Theatre Company's "The Heir Apparent" opens to riotous reviews.

An Evening of Rememberance at the Kennedy Center

A crowd gathered at the Kennedy Center last Thursday to commemorate and mourn the anniversary of September 11.

'Tosca' at the Washington National Opera

An old favorite opens up a new season.

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