Gary Tischler

The Parish Gallery, 22 Years Strong

Occasionally, an art gallery comes along that helps define a neighborhood’s culture. When Norman Parish saw a “Gallery Space ...

Hilary Hahn: Our Valentine for the Violin

Unsurprisingly, the phone rings right on time. I have some mixed expectations about the sound of Hilary Hahn’s voice ...

'The MoFo With the Hat': Profane Characters We Secretly Care About

Studio Theatre's "The Motherf**cker With the Hat" may be obscene, but it is a play worth seeing, says Gary Tischler.

Mayor Gray and the State of the District: Both Confident

An upbeat Mayor Vincent Gray gave the State of the District Address Feb. 5, citing positive growth and a major surplus for the fiscal year.

'Our Town': 75 Years on, Still Yours and Mine

Thorton Wilder's American classic continues to tell us more about ourselves. It is at Ford's Theatre through Feb. 24.

Helen Hayes Nominations: Some Surprising Omissions

The nominations for the Helen Hayes Awards reveal some recurring favorites -- and some left off the stage.

Misguided Worship of 2nd Amendment Puzzling, If Not Appalling

In the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn., shooting tragedy, to see Gabby Giffords and Wayne LaPierre at an Jan. 30 hearing and the twisting of the Second Amendment is simply appalling.

Zach Appelman Stuns as Henry V at the Folger

Zach Appelman is a lot of things.

He’s a native Californian, an actor, and a onetime student. He’s ...

Walking Through History, Past, Present and Future

One  thing about living in Washington, or maybe even in the modern world, there’s always something going on. There ...

Inaugural and Beyond: a Packed Week in D.C. to Remember

After all that was associated with the inauguration, it was . . . wait, there's more. An observer of the news did not have a chance to catch his breath.

Two Sports Greats Whose Lives Are Worth Talking About and Remembered

The passing of Stan Musial and Earl Weaver reminds of what makes a sports legend truly great.

Observing the 57th Inauguration: A Beginning and an End

Whether you were sitting in the special seats at the U.S. Capitol or viewing the inaugural events from home on television, the scene of President Barack Obama's second inauguration provided memorable images and words.

Musings: Dumb Justice, Gun-friendly Phrases and Overuse of 'Amazing!'

Even in modern times, there are things that seem mysterious—not in a holy way, but in a way that ...

Inaugural Weekend, Always a Big Deal

You might be hearing media chatter around town that the upcoming second-term inauguration of President Barack Obama is not as ...

A Great Weekend to Be in the Capital

The New Year has already rushed in on us living her in Washington D.C., daring you to catch your ...

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