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International Film Fest's 'Lighter Side,' from France to Japan

Washington is a magnet for film festivals—we’ve got documentary film festivals, gay and lesbian film festivals, environmental film festivals, short film festivals. You name it, there’s a festival.

D.C. Democratic Primary Results: Decidedly Status Quo

The District of Columbia Primary Elections -- at least for the city's overwhelming number of registered Democrats -- did not shake up the status quo.

Getting to the Heart of the Georgetown House Tour

If you’re one of those persons who’ve been on a few Georgetown House Tours, you begin to get ...

Kahn Tackles O'Neill's Daunting 'Strange Interlude'

In theater, as in other endeavors, there are plays and roles that sit like slumbering challenges, just daring for artist ...

R.I.P.: Scruggs and Crews

They say music soothes the savage beast or words to that effect. Words on a page can do the same ...

Primarily Yours, Tomorrow: Vote or . . .

Tomorrow, April 3, Tuesday, is the official voting day for the 2012 District of Columbia Primary Election.

Amidst the Obamacare Debate: Inside and Outside the Supreme Court

Inside, men and women in robes and the best lawyers in the United States were in the midst of a historic debate on the merits and future of President Barack Obama’s historic health care proposal. Outside, the masses had gathered to conduct their own debates, large and small. It was a heck of a day at the Supreme Court.

Seeing All the People (and God, Too) in the Cherry Blossoms

If you come here to see the sites and sights, history is purposefully and permanently here in all the monuments, past, present and soon to be erected.

79th Annual Historic Garden Week

This is for people who wake up, head outside, take a deep breath and say, “I love the smell of ...

Performance: Twist Pulls Off His Own Twist on Puppetry

Everywhere you read or hear about Basil Twist—the New Yorker, the Post, YouTube (highly recommended) — he’s described as ...

'Japan Spring': Unique Trinity of Art Shows on the National Mall

Mother Nature has messed a little, this year, with the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which is celebrating the centennial of Japan’s gift of cherry trees to Washington, D.C. The unusually mild, near-summer weather has caused the blossoms to hit their peak days much earlier than usual -- as well as threatening storm weekend weather that might harm the blossoms.

'1776,' the Musical, Still Tugs at America's Heart

The latest production of “1776,” at the Ford’s Theatre, is playing right during the longest-running reality show in the nation, the Republican Party race for the presidential nomination. How 36 seconds ago.

Irish Ayes for Old Friends and the Auld Sod

But, aye, often I have wished to be. Now, on St. Patrick’s Day, thousands, maybe millions embrace the same wish as if they had kissed the Blarney Stone on a damp day some time ago. They wear green, drink green beer, quaff the quaffables, sing and dance, wear green hats, try to speak Gaelic, listen to the grand Irish music and perhaps stand on a floor in two inches of Guinness and tears.

'Game Change,' Unsettling Some Scores

“Game Change,” the HBO movie about the selection of then virtually unknown Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s vice-presidential running mate, has come if not gone, leaving behind a certain amount of controversy and some unsettling thoughts.

Arts and Culture, the Spanish Way

What do people outside of Spain think of when they think of Spanish culture?

For certain, Don Quixote, the gallant ...

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