Gary Tischler

Two Sports Greats Whose Lives Are Worth Talking About and Remembered

The passing of Stan Musial and Earl Weaver reminds of what makes a sports legend truly great.

Observing the 57th Inauguration: A Beginning and an End

Whether you were sitting in the special seats at the U.S. Capitol or viewing the inaugural events from home on television, the scene of President Barack Obama's second inauguration provided memorable images and words.

Musings: Dumb Justice, Gun-friendly Phrases and Overuse of 'Amazing!'

Even in modern times, there are things that seem mysterious—not in a holy way, but in a way that ...

Inaugural Weekend, Always a Big Deal

You might be hearing media chatter around town that the upcoming second-term inauguration of President Barack Obama is not as ...

A Great Weekend to Be in the Capital

The New Year has already rushed in on us living her in Washington D.C., daring you to catch your ...

The Universal ‘Our Town’

On Feb. 4, Ford’s Theatre, the city’s singular historical theater, will hold a 75th Anniversary celebration for Thornton ...

Remembering Richard Nixon on His 100th Birthday

Richard Nixon was never easy to dismiss, forget, defeat, or ignore even unto death.

For a brief time last week ...

Golden Globes Do Not Disappoint

This year at the 70th Golden Globes, the jokes were confusing, and Jodie Foster made an exciting but anticlimactic non-announcement.

Writer Richard Ben Cramer Knew What It Took

Richard Ben Cramer, biographer of politicians and athletes, wrote the ultimate campaign book.

'Django,' a No-No

Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" shows cinematic prowess in parts, but it lacks size and greatness.

Patti Page, Harry Carey, Jr.: Entertainers of Another Age

The deaths of Patti Page and Harry Carey, Jr., reflect the passing of an era in American arts and entertainment.

Our Unconquerable Memory of the Trojan War

Homer's epic -- told by one actor at Studio Theatre -- retains its power over our imagination.

Lives We Miss and Have Missed

The lives you have known and have missed -- and now miss -- will soon be part of last year but not forgotten.

Cody Slaughter as a Fresh Elvis: Keeping It Real

In “Million Dollar Quartet.” the young man with the very rock-and-roll name of Cody Slaughter is asked to portray Elvis ...

A Musical Education: 'Les Mis' and 'White Christmas'

If you want to get an idea of the diversity enshrined in what is loosely called "The Musical," past, present ...

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