Gary Tischler

Michael Danek, Rock of Ages

"Rock of Ages stage manager Michael Danek talks about his lengthy career and his experiences on the road.

Goodbye to Betty Ford and Cy Twombly

Most of the time First Ladies don’t get the credit they deserve. They may get the first in the designation, but history tends to judge them as second to their husbands, as if they were footnotes.

Clinton Speaks the Truth

Former President Bill Clinton addresses the Campus Progress National Conference about the importance of understanding what's going on in the government today.

'Next to Normal' Review

"Next to Normal" is no "Wicked" - but it is a knock-you-from-your-seat musical.

'What's Goin' On' at the Folklife Festival

Some classic American musical favorites jazz up the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

"The Merchant of Venice"--Ethan McSweeny

Even at 40, Ethan McSweeny looks too young to have done everything he’s done, to be, well, Ethan McSweeny. He’s casually dressed, has a thin beard which still can’t prevent him from looking boyish, looks nonchalantly handsome, and is finishing up some salad after winding down a rehearsal for his production of “The Merchant of Venice” at the Washington Shakespeare Company in the Harman Center, which will open officially three days later.

Three More Stars are Lost

When someone makes us laugh, when someone - as a member of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band said once - “sets your ...

Opera House Puts on One “Wicked” Performance

If you want to look at a show that’s a true picture of the creative and commercial engines that ...

Acting DC Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson Is No Longer Acting.

It’s official: Henderson, who was named interim chancellor by newly elected Mayor Vincent Gray last year in the wake of the apparently mutually arrived at departure of controversial and high profile chancellor Michelle Rhee, was recently confirmed unanimously by the DC City Council , making her neither defacto or in waiting, or interim or acting anything, but THE DC Schools Chancellor.

Media Scandals Stir Up a Stagnant World

Locally, the mayor’s woes and that of sundry council men stuck with unseemly problems seems to have brought local politics to a serious case of the slows, nearing stagnation.


Here’s something perfect: Shakespeare, music, The Castleton Festival Orchestra, and renowned Castleton director and conductor Lorin Maazel, all together at the Music Center at Strathmore June 30 to perform “Music Inspired by Shakespeare”.

You Can’t Hide the Elephant in the Room

There’s nothing quite like the permanent dark cloud that seems to have settled over the workings of the government of the District of Columbia and the early months of the administration of newly-elected mayor Vincent Gray.

Venus in Furs

Who knew that S & M, named after the very same Sacher-Masoch without the von, could be so much fun? Readers are not required to answer the last question for the usual reasons, but really, folks, go check out Venus in Furs at the Studio Theatre.

Penumbra Theatre Company Brings a Legend to Life

Frank Sinatra. Sam Cooke. Elvis. Ray Charles.

Nat King Cole.

As singer, legend, as representer, as song stylist, as musical ...

Remembering some of America’s Sensational Personalities

The famous, the near-famous, the once-famous seem to pass on in threes and fours, and so we will note the ...

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