Gary Tischler

Roseanne Cash: `River & Thread' of Memories

The voice on the phone is clear and friendly, not unlike the singing voice. It’s conversational, the voice of ...

When Firefighters Fail to Respond

There don’t seem to be too many facts in contention here.

Medric Cecil Mills a 77-year-old District Parks & Recreation ...

With Turner, Arena's Ambitious 'Mother Courage' Is Epic

"Mother Courage and Her Children" is a big, war-weary trip at the Arena and worth the fearsome ride, says art critic Gary Tischler.

After Visiting D.C. Schools, Dinnerstein at the Kennedy Center Feb. 9

The pianist Simone Dinnerstein, the late-blooming star of the classical musical world, is—to put it in Willie Nelson’s ...

Intense 'Richard III' Is in Your Face at Folger

When you watch actor Drew Cortese stalk the stage or stand and scan the audience for approval as the murderous ...

Potent Artful Trio: Seeger, Hoffman and Schell

Three recent deaths tell the tale of talented men very much in, of and out of their times.

The SOTU Show: Obama, Congress and Guest Stars

The State of the Union has become something of a national political reality show.

Tom Quinn: Himself, a Full Measure of a Man

Gary Tischler eulogizes his old friend, unique, of course: Tom Quinn.

Winter Theater Season Off to Lively Start

Washington’s 2014 theater scene offers an eclectic mix of entertainment. We’ve got Shakespeare, Moliere, Oscar Wilde. We’ve ...

‘Peter Pan’ So Old, Yet So Young

Peter Pan is old. The boy hero—who refused to grow up, who could fly and who lived in Neverland ...

A New Tradition of American Music: Gypsy Sally’s

There was a time—during the 1970s, the 1980s and a little beyond—when Georgetown and its surrounding areas vibrated ...

'Earnest': Wilde at His Best, Delicious Word Play

It is the Shakespeare Theatre's version of "The Importance of Being Earnest,” and arts critic Gary Tischler deemed it delicious on many levels.

'Tallest Tree' at Arena: the Grandeur and Range of Paul Robeson

The full life of Paul Robeson is impressively on full display at Arena Stage's "Tallest Tree in the Forest."

Post Poll Looks Good for Gray, More or Less

Few polls have been taken during the Democratic mayoral primary campaign. A recent one looks for Mayor Vincent Gray.

The Revealing Lifecycles of Politicians

Watching politics is sometimes like watching the kings and would-be kings in Shakespeare’s histories and tragedies—on the throne ...

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