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Celebrating Washington Theater and More, Tonight Through April 29

Everybody in Washington's theater community will show up tonight for the 28th annual Helen Hayes Awards at the Warner Theatre, but that's only the beginning for what this year is theatreWeek in Washington, which would be April 23-29.

3 Lives at Their Height in the 1970s Tell Our Contemporary Story

Deaths are like the things that happen in haunted houses, events when you hear of them that immediately bring back memories, stir up ironies and create flickering images or music that's stayed in your head for decades.

Dick Clark, Rock 'n' Roll Salesman Who Changed America

On April 18, Dick Clark passed away. In his 30-year tenure, he proved to be as influential in spreading rock 'n' roll as Elvis Presley.

Sinatra + Tharp = Sexy Staging in 'Come Fly Away'

Pay attention, kids. The Chairman of the Board, Old Blue Eyes, the Voice is back and in the house. The house being the Eisenhower Theater at the Kennedy Center.

Norman Scribner, a D.C. Musical Giant in His Right

When Norman Scribner picks up the baton to conduct the Choral Arts Society of Washington and the National Symphony Orchestra ...

Theater Shorts: Shakespeare, Sinatra, O'Neill and Twist

Two Shrews, a mock Shakespeare trial, Sinatra and a tango or two, O’Neill still running strong and Arias with ...

'China Hand' Davies Could Read the Tea Leaves

When it comes to international affairs, there’s always a lot of talk about American Exceptionalism in political circles and not so much about exceptional Americans. In the cultural and art world, you hardly ever hear the phrase. You would have with John Paton Davies, Jr.

With All Votes Counted, Orange Will Keep Council Seat

It’s official. Vincent Orange will keep his at-large seat on the city council after a count of absentee and provisional ballots from the April 3 elections.

The Heat and Light of Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace of CBS News had not done an interview for four years—Roger Clemens, the famed Boston Red Sox pitcher accused of using steroids got the honors for that last one—but all those living whom he interviewed for "60 Minutes" probably feel not enough time has passed for them not to get goose bumps just thinking about the experience.

International Film Fest's 'Lighter Side,' from France to Japan

Washington is a magnet for film festivals—we’ve got documentary film festivals, gay and lesbian film festivals, environmental film festivals, short film festivals. You name it, there’s a festival.

D.C. Democratic Primary Results: Decidedly Status Quo

The District of Columbia Primary Elections -- at least for the city's overwhelming number of registered Democrats -- did not shake up the status quo.

Getting to the Heart of the Georgetown House Tour

If you’re one of those persons who’ve been on a few Georgetown House Tours, you begin to get ...

Kahn Tackles O'Neill's Daunting 'Strange Interlude'

In theater, as in other endeavors, there are plays and roles that sit like slumbering challenges, just daring for artist ...

R.I.P.: Scruggs and Crews

They say music soothes the savage beast or words to that effect. Words on a page can do the same ...

Primarily Yours, Tomorrow: Vote or . . .

Tomorrow, April 3, Tuesday, is the official voting day for the 2012 District of Columbia Primary Election.

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