Gary Tischler

Legendary Rat Pack Comes Alive at Strathmore

Remembered for performances in 1960, the Rat Pack gets its story told to a new generation of Americans.

Two Tales of Two Losses, at Arena and Woolly

I cannot think of two plays that might be more different than “Detroit” by Lisa D’Amour and “The Velocity ...

'Million Dollar Quarter' Returns to the Kennedy Center With a New Jerry Lee Lewis

John Countryman, who plays Jerry Lee Lewis, explains the excitement, feelings and live rock-n-roll of "Million Dollar Quartet."

WNO's 'Tristan and Isolde': the Overpowering Wagner Is in Charge

The power of Wagner's words and music is on dlsplay in WNO's "Tristan and Isolde" with its lead soprano Irene Theorin more than up to the task.

Navy Yard Shootings Makes D.C. Like the Others

Washington, D.C., was shocked by a mass shooting that left at least 12 dead -- at a very secure and historic naval installation.

Kennedy Center Honors: Arroyo, Hancock, Joel, MacLaine and Santana

The Kennedy Center was listening: this year's Honors includes two Hispanic winners.

Is It Forever . . . September 11th?

The photograph that the Georgetowner caught that afternoon from Halcyon House, looking south, doesn’t seem like much if you ...

Posner at Home at Folger

Even though Aaron Posner has directed many plays in many American places, and written some, too. It must seem now ...

Jenny Live in D.C. at WPAS

Just being around Jenny Bilfield, the new president and CEO of the Washington Performing Arts Society, you get the sense ...

'It's a Girl!': a Panda Amid D.C.'s News and History

A tiny female panda cub grabs the attention of the most powerful and important city in the world, as it to remind us of more important things in life.

Seamus Heaney: Plain-spoken Earth and Poetic Space of Truth

The Irish poet Seamus Heaney was a literary giant on par with Joyce, Beckett and Yates.

50th Anniversary of the March: Beyond the Dream

At the Aug. 28 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, many speaker and three presidents gave their take on the day and the years since then.

Donna McKechnie Performs 'Same Place, Another Time' at Olney Theatre Center

Look again: Donna McKechnie performs “Same Place, Another Time” on Sept. 1.

Julie Harris: the Enchanting, Transforming Broadway Legend

From "East of Eden" to "the Belle of Amherst" to "Knots Landing," actress Julie Harris showed a powerful command of film, theater and television.

Elmore Leonard: That Guy Was a Helluva Writer

The Georgetowner's best writer has some words of his own for one of America's.

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