Gary Tischler

On Presidents Day, the Trumpian Presence Loomed Large

You were hard put, yesterday, to find a lot of people talking about Lincoln and Washington.

Today's Royals, Shakespeare Style, in 'King Charles III'

The Shakespeare Theatre Company production of Mike Bartlett's play runs through March 12.

Lillian Hellman: Speaking to Perilous Times

Hellman's "Watch on the Rhine," which opened on Broadway in 1941, is at Arena Stage through March 5.

Many Helens and Hayeses to Cheer For

The nominations are out for the annual Theatre Washington awards, to be presented May 15 at the Lincoln Theatre.

A Surrealistic Super Bowl

Whether this game qualified as the greatest ever or makes Brady the best-ever quarterback, our commentator will leave to others.

The Gorsuch Nomination: Were We Surprised? A Little

Though the whole thing, as one observer noted, felt like “The Apprentice,” it wasn't full of the usual sound and fury.

At Ford's, George and Martha Can Still Shock

Directed by Aaron Posner, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" leaps out of its bounds of time snarling and swinging.

The Oscars, Not Quite So White

This year, there was actually something newsworthy about the Academy Award nominations.

Artist Polly Kraft Dies at 89

Polly Kraft, a painter whose still lifes and landscapes graced the Corcoran and Addison/Ripley galleries as well as the ...

What’s New, Pussyhat?

Where Will the Women’s March Go From Here?

At the end of Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C., people ...

Albee’s ‘Woolf’ Comes to Ford’s at Last

The production, directed by Aaron Posner, will run through Feb. 19.

The Speech and the March: What a Difference

If the campaign seemed finally over on Friday, on Saturday a new campaign seemed to have begun.

'The Gabriels' — A Fictional Family We Come to Care About

The election-year trilogy runs through Jan. 22 in the Kennedy Center Theater Lab.

'The Dictator's Wife' Shows Lots of Initiative at WNO

It’s a common complaint that you hear about opera, especially from some younger people when they look up from ...

On MLK Day, Tweets Notwithstanding, 'We Cannot Walk Alone'

History is always with us, especially on a historic day, in the middle of historic times.

We—the nation of ...

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