Gary Tischler

'Report to the Academy': Far Beyond 'The Planets of the Apes'

At the Fringe Festival, Scena's production of "Report to the Academy" finds its founder, Robert McNamara, playing the principal role.

'Carrie: the Musical' With Songs, Blood and Shock Enough

You know the story and probably recall the movie. Now, it's a musical at Studio Theatre that is high energy with its special spell.

Rita Moreno: a Living American Portrait

A lucky audience at the National Portrait Gallery got a chance to see and hear actress Rita Moreno tell stories from her quite lively life.

Our 4th of July Transcends Americans' Distrust, Doldrums

We, the American people, took to the streets and backyards to celebrate independence in own own way, despite a loss of confidence in the government and the economy.

American Successes: Wayne Curry and Paul Mazursky

One a politician and another a film director. Different lives in America. Both positive talents that made a difference.

Fringe Festival Is Back for 18 Days, 15 Venues

There’ll be over a 150 plays and shows to choose from. Here’s a look at a few we ...

Marion Barry: His Life, His Way

In the summer of 1978, I attended an alley party, a gathering of neighborhood friends on Capitol Hill near the ...

Howard Baker, Diana McLellan: Luminaries of a Lost Washington

It’s likely that Diana McLellan, when she wrote the dishy, witty gossip column, “The Ear,” may have had occasion ...

A Tribute to the Everly Brothers, June 28

Ruthie and the Wranglers will be at Gypsy Sally's Saturday night in a homage to the Everly Brothers.

Remarkable Men: The Charm and Talents of Wallach and Ajami

Writer and Middle East commentator Fouad Ajami and beloved actor Eli Wallach plied their craft in different arenas but taught us so much all the same.

'Sideshow' and 'Lion King,' Magical Musicals at Kennedy Center

While they may seem very different, "Sideshow" and "The Lion King" have been embraced by their audiences with similar passion.

Jay Leno: First Late Night Host to Get Twain Prize

For this year's Mark Twain Prize for American Humor -- to be given Oct. 19 -- the Kennedy Center selected Jay Leno.

Ron Swarthout Honored by GBA at Warm, Exuberant Luncheon

A testament to hometown humility, businessman Ron Swarthout was honored by the Georgetown Business Association.

‘Side Show’ is Back, Bigger Than Ever

Once upon a time, say, Oct. 16, 1997, a musical opened at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway.

This is ...

Five Americans Who Lived and Left America a Better Place for All

As we remember the likes of Ruby Dee or Casey Kasem, we recall a few more -- and know how they enlarged and enlarge our lives.

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