Gary Tischler

'1776,' the Musical, Still Tugs at America's Heart

The latest production of “1776,” at the Ford’s Theatre, is playing right during the longest-running reality show in the nation, the Republican Party race for the presidential nomination. How 36 seconds ago.

Irish Ayes for Old Friends and the Auld Sod

But, aye, often I have wished to be. Now, on St. Patrick’s Day, thousands, maybe millions embrace the same wish as if they had kissed the Blarney Stone on a damp day some time ago. They wear green, drink green beer, quaff the quaffables, sing and dance, wear green hats, try to speak Gaelic, listen to the grand Irish music and perhaps stand on a floor in two inches of Guinness and tears.

'Game Change,' Unsettling Some Scores

“Game Change,” the HBO movie about the selection of then virtually unknown Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s vice-presidential running mate, has come if not gone, leaving behind a certain amount of controversy and some unsettling thoughts.

Arts and Culture, the Spanish Way

What do people outside of Spain think of when they think of Spanish culture?

For certain, Don Quixote, the gallant ...

'Sucker Punch' Packs Quite a Wallop

Packs a wallop. Packs a punch. A one-round, one-act knockout. "Sucker Punch,” currently running at the Studio’s Theatre through April 8.

‘I’m Sorry’ Don’t Right the Wrong

I could have sworn I heard Brenda Lee making a come back, singing “I’m sorry, so sorry, please accept ...

20 Years of Environmental Films

After 20 years, Flo Stone still sounds like a kid at a party, albeit a serious kid at a serious ...

Our Daydream Believer, Davy Jones

The death of Davy Jones, the most popular member of the singing group, the Monkees, at age 66 was shocking. Who knew that even Monkees could age and become vulnerable to all the dangers of old age, like the heart attacked that felled Jones?

The End of 'Civilization' as We Know Us

In Jason Grote’s new play “Civilization (All You Can Eat),” now getting a sharp and haunting staging at Woolly Mammoth Theatre, everybody’s hungry all of the time. Hungry, not so much for food, as for the top-heavy buffet of life and stuff that’s out there like a sparkling city-as-a-mall, but now beyond the reach of our burdensome absurdly high-interest credit cards

It's Over: Romney Is Still the Winner

Even as the Michigan and Arizona Republican primaries have gone into the record books, I’m going on the record to say what I’ve been saying pretty much since around the primary days of Iowa and New Hampshire.The GOP primary race is over.

Checking Over the Helen Hayes Nominations

As usual, as always, the Helen Hayes Awards nomination announcements give great joy to those individual artists who have been nominated and generate a lot of grousing, head scratching and more than a little controversy.

The Thrills of the Oscars

Some highlights of the evening include Angelina Jolie’s gam thigh-high striking pose of grand dame movie star, Meryl Streep, who broke her almost three-decade losing streak and made her husband cry, and George Glooney, who didn’t win, but kissed Billy Crystal on the lips.

"Cosi fan tutte"

A review of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Cosi fan tutte”. "Cosi fan tutte" will be running till March 15,2012 at The Kennedy Center.

The Enduring Influence of Eugene O'Neill

“He was America’s greatest playwright. He was the writer who influenced everyone who came after. He plumbed the deepest ...


In addition to current offerings as well as the O’Neill Festival with all of its main attractions and special ...

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