Gary Tischler

Chicago's Rutter Takes the Helm at the Kennedy Center

Deborah F. Rutter, the new president of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, its first female president, and only ...

Now Playing

A number of Washington area theater groups have begun their seasons. Here’s a look at what’s playing now.

'Dirty Dancing': Still Having the Time of Its Life

"Dirty Dancing" never quite left the scene, as its diehard fans can attest and a new production shows.

Joan Rivers, Like Nobody Else: We Can't Get Over Her

Legendary comedienne Joan Rivers passed away this afternoon in New York City.

Who is Lear? Next month at the Folger: Joseph Marcell

The native of St. Lucia, board member of Shakespeare’s Globe, member of the Royal Shakespeare Company and one-time global television star, is on another tour of “King Lear,” the Bard’s grandest, most difficult, most compelling tragedy.

'Dirty Dancing': Edgy, Sharp Moves, Passionate Fans

"Dirty Dancing" is everything you remember -- and the ghost of Patrick Swayze remains -- but a new dancers have brought new energy to the 1980s story at the National Theatre.

Matt Haley: a Restaurateur Extraordinary Beyond Food

From the Washington area, Matt Haley saved his own life and built his restaurant empire in Delaware and elsewhere, all the while involvlng others and helping others.

The Emotion of Becoming an American Citizen

These days, if you want to talk about immigration, or naturalization, or American citizenship, people are likely to get angry ...

Believe It: 25 Years of Signature Theatre

“Sometimes, it’s hard to believe it all,” said Eric Schaeffer, the Artistic Director of Signature Theatre, which has begun ...

This Week: Injustice in Missouri, Emotion and 'The Giver'

Amid other bad international news, the shooting of Michael Brown agitates many, as we consider our place in the greater society of America.

American Gal: This Long-Lived Lauren Was a Real Betty

Lauren Bacall was the last of classic Hollywood actresses. While defined by her time with Humphrey Bogart, Bacall remained very much her own, smart American woman.

Robin Williams: He Left Us Laughing for a Lifetime

They stuffed the news in right at the end of a local news broadcast, leading into a national one, yesterday ...

In Our Town: African Leader at Press Club Thanks U.S., Sees 'Africa Rising'

It's not every day you get a chance to meet Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaore. But this is Washington, D.C., and last week the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit was held here -- and we knew all about it, thanks to sirens, motorcades and receptions.

A Play, a ‘Bird’ That’s Not So ‘Stupid’

That’s some bird, that stupid f-----g bird.

That would be “Stupid F------g Bird,” the play by director-playwright Aaron Posner ...

Through Fire, the U.S. Emerged

We are always tourists in our own cities. Everywhere we walk, bike, run, stop and go, every park bench we ...

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