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A Dark, Brooding 'Julius Caesar' at the Folger Theater

Director Robert Richmond brings a dark, brooding and modern take on 'Julius Caesar' to the Folger Theatre at the Folger Shakespeare Library on East Capitol Street.

Theater Shorts

Now Playing Julius Caesar—Director Robert Richmond fiddles with Shakespeare’s classic play about power and war in ancient Rome ...

Kennedy Center's Rutter: 'Art for Life's Sake'

Deborah Rutter, the new boss of the Kennedy Center, gave an informal and insightful talk at the George Town Club Nov. 6, as part of the Georgetowner's Cultural Leadership Breakfast Series.

Few D.C. Surprises: After All That Campaigning, It's Bowser . . . Oh, Yeah, Pot Will Be Legal

Yes, Muriel Bowser won it, running away -- and there will some new councilmembers. The D.C. election was nowhere as dramatic as the national elections.

'La Boheme': Puccini's Passion for All

It’s the opera for people who don’t like opera, but perhaps more importantly, for people who do like opera, especially familiar ones.

We Know Carol Schwartz. She Just Wants to Be Mayor

The scene looked and sounded familiar.

Walking into Kramerbooks and Afterwords Café on Connecticut Avenue last week for a lunchtime ...

Muriel Bowser, from a D.C. Neighborhood, Running to Become Mayor of D.C.

Sitting at Qualia Coffee, a smallish and relatively new coffee shop on Georgia Avenue in the D.C., neighborhood of ...

David Catania Would Make History If Elected D.C. Mayor

We saw and talked with Independent candidate for mayor David Catania almost a month ago in his campaign headquarters conference ...

Bradlee: the Editor Who Showed Us How Important Editors Are

Ben Bradlee may have been a man's man, as many recounted this week, but he is also an editor's editor, who made his writers better.

'Elvis at 21' Photographer Alfred Wertheimer Dies at 84

Alfred Wertheimer made the scene at Govinda Gallery a few years ago in one of its last, major shows. His photos of Elvis Presley at the beginning of his career went on a national tour -- as fresh as the day they were snapped.

Theater Shorts Oct. 22, 2014

NOW PLAYING: The Taming of the Shrew—The Pellas Theatre Company updates Shakespeare’s classic battle of the sexes play ...

'Petit Mort': an Innovative Washington Ballet Première

As a trio of ballet works, "Petit Mort" bridges the traditional with the modern, says Septime Webre of the Washington Ballet.

Concealed Carry Controversy

It is clear and absolute. A Federal court has ruled that residents be allowed, for the first time in 40 ...

Ben Bradlee, Lion of American Journalism, Dies at 93

Ben Bradlee died Tuesday, Oct. 21 as The Georgetowner was going to print. We remember him fondly. Photo By Jeff Malet

'Our War' Brings Big Names, Historical Themes to Arena Stage

Almost 30 esteemed playwrights, commissioned to write monologues and vignettes. An ensemble of six local actors, joined by nearly 30 ...

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