Gary Tischler

Blaze of Glory

If you ever had the opportunity to sit within a couple of feet of Blaze Starr, the legendary queen of ...

A Contemporary Take on the Villainous 'Tartuffe'

This “Tartuffe,” it seems to me, is a kind of a draw, wherein the style of the play, a barrage of contradictory intentions, is trying to become the substance of the play.

Extra, Extra! 'Newsies' Brings Disney to D.C.

“Newsies" is a money’s worth entertainment that delivers a high-flying show, fair-to-middling music, a Disney story and world-class dancing at the National Theatre through June 21.

From 'Dracula,' 'Frankenstein' to 'Star Wars,' 'Lord of the Rings': Film Legend Christopher Lee Held Sway

Christopher Lee, who passed away in London June 7 at the age of 93 of heart and respiratory problems — will ...

Sinatra Tribute Concert at Kennedy Center Gathers the Old, Fans and Fun

Last weekend at the Kennedy Center’s Concert Hall, a still lively group of members of the Greatest Generation filled the hall to capacity for “Let’s Be Frank: The Songs of Frank Sinatra."

Storm Large: Like Sinatra, an American Original

The singer-songwriter-memoirist-performer-author-rocker Storm Large is a sort of gaudy cruise ship that has sailed exotic, dangerous and, naturally, stormy musical ...

Seeding the Landscape with Jazz

What makes for a world-class jazz festival?

The obvious answer is world-class performers. The DC Jazz Festival, now in its ...

Beau Biden: 'the Finest Man Any of Us Have Ever Known'

The vice president's son, Beau Biden, was 46 years old and died May 30 in Bethesda of brain cancer.

Bowser, Evans Cheer Progress of D.C., Salute Georgetown Citizens

Fresh from a budget approval by the D.C. Council, an exuberant Mayor Bowser and Jack Evans headlined the Citizen Association of Georgetown's annual meeting.

D.C.'s Memorial Day Parade Is Special, but Also One of Many

In hundreds and thousands of places all across these United States, everyone was doing some version of the same thing, this National Memorial Day.

Steven Knapp's Wide Embrace: GW and the Arts

There is a lot more to Steven Knapp, 16th president of the George Washington University, than meets the eye. Standing ...

Lively Pairing: Evil Stepsisters of 'Cinderella'

There’s still another chance—Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at the Kennedy Center Opera House—to see “Cinderella ...

District Council Complete: Todd, May Sworn in

With the addition of newly elected Brandon Todd and LaRuby May, the District Council sits at full force for the first time in five months.

70 Years on, Spirit of the Elbe Evoked at Russian Embassy

Among the many 70th anniversary salutes, there was one last week that recalled a time of American and Russian cooperation in defeating Nazi Germany.

Bluesman B.B. King (1925-2015): the Thrill Is Not Gone for Us

Bluesman B.B. King, a legend in his and many people’s times, a man who personified the music he ...

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