Gary Tischler

'Dogfight': Boy, Girl Find Each Other in the '60s

The talents of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul give us a musical set in the 1960s in San Francisco during the start of the Vietnam War.

Oliver Sacks and Wes Craven: the Human Brain and Horror Films

One man, with almost tender, compassionate and literary style, wrote about the human brain. Another man gave us nightmares.

From the Discontent of Murders, Sports, Politicians to the Hope of Pandas and the Pope

Amid our discontent, the spectacle of Hillary and the Donald or the evidence of violence all around might be healed, per chance, by the sight of tiny pandas and a big-hearted pope.

D.C.'s Spike in Homicides: Police Union Criticizes MPD Tactics

The police union criticizes Chief Cathy Lanier for disbanding drug and vice units. It is one of the causes, the union says, for the increase in violent crimes. Others add that D.C. needs more police officers.

The Dignity of Julian Bond Remembered During This Summer of Trump

Bond and Trump; Trump and Bond: such is the study of contrasts in America today, according to socio-political observer Gary Tischler.

Campaign 2016 Is Reshaping Both Political Parties

It's bye bye, Miss American party. We're drinking whiskey and wry -- because you're out of ideas and have lost your political appeal.

'Dear Evan Hansen': a Top-Notch Musical at Arena Stage

There’s only a couple of weeks left to see “Dear Evan Hansen,” a highly original, up-to-the-moment world premiere musical, in the Kreeger Theater at Arena Stage through Aug. 23.

The GOP Debate: Trump Thumps and Thumped; Rubio, Kasich Gain

So little time, so much to do.

This was a momentous week in the world.  President Barack Obama gave a ...

Magic of 'The Magic Flute' and Madness of Verdi's 'Macbeth' at Glimmerglass

The Glimmerglass Festival at Cooperstown—in its 40th anniversary at Cooperstown in upstate New York this year—has a very ...

'Dear Evan Hansen': The Next Big Thing?

In a Broadway theater world where the search for the next big thing is always on, “Dear Evan Hansen,” the ...

Trump Factor: Presidential Egotism Exposed

Let’s talk about Donald Trump.

I know. I know. Let’s not.

Enough, too much, had already been said ...

Diana Krall at Wolf Trap—and a Diverse Second Half to the Season

If you spent your whole summer catching all or many of the performances and acts at the Wolf Trap’s Filene Center, you might just ran the gamut of every kind of musical genre that exists.

Stuart Ward Stars in 'Once' at the Kennedy Center

The minute Ward, with that rugged-sensitive two-day beard handsome-but-shy look, picks up a guitar, the audience and the rest of the people in the play notice him.

Doctorow, Bikel: 'Larger Than Life' Luminaries Who Enlightened Us

Novelist E.L. Doctorow and actor and musical performer Theodore Bikel passed away this week at the ages of 84 and 91, respectively, with "larger-than-life" legacies.

Chefs Go Fresh

You can’t say that the people involved in this year’s Chefs Go Fresh tour — in which a number ...

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