Gary Tischler

Pope Francis Completes Transformational Visit to Washington, D.C.

Pope Francis in his first visit to the U.S. takes the city by love and with his presence leaves a message of justice and duty.

A Fresh, Engaging Take on 'Carmen' at the Kennedy Center

Washington National Opera's "Carmen" is produced with uniform excellence, eliciting the opera's considerable musical and dramatic virtues.

Fiorina on Fire, Pessimism on Display at GOP Debate

Could this be the end of The Donald?

In an Uncertain World, White House Honorees Give Us Our Humanity Anew

President Barack Obama honored 19 individuals and two groups honored at the White House on Sept. 10, the day just before 9/11, in the ceremony that seemed a blessing.

U.S. Gives Actress Ingrid Bergman Stamp of Approval

Ingrid Bergman, who was, as the veteran Washington movie critic Arch Campbell noted, “one of the great female stars of all time,” was honored with a stamp ceremony at the House of Sweden in Georgetown on Sept. 9.

Ken Burns's 'The Civil War' Returns in HD for Its 25th Anniversary

After it first aired 25 years ago, “The Civil War,” the gifted filmmaker Ken Burns’s visual poem and epic television documentary on our nation’s most costly and transformative struggle, returns in high definition.

Women’s Voices on D.C. Stages

If you’re a Washington theater fan and you want to find out just how big of a theatrical ocean ...

2015 Fall Performing Arts Highlights

With so many things happening in Washington in September and October (Hello, Your Holiness!), it’s impossible to fix and ...

Phillips Concert Series at 75

The Phillips Collection, one of Washington’s most esteemed and intimate art museums, is marking the 75th anniversary of its ...

Odious August Is Over, Thank God

August is the month when we ignore the news, because there isn’t supposed to be any. That maxim is long past its expiration date. Each year, August brings more unwelcome news.

'Dogfight': Boy, Girl Find Each Other in the '60s

The talents of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul give us a musical set in the 1960s in San Francisco during the start of the Vietnam War.

Oliver Sacks and Wes Craven: the Human Brain and Horror Films

One man, with almost tender, compassionate and literary style, wrote about the human brain. Another man gave us nightmares.

From the Discontent of Murders, Sports, Politicians to the Hope of Pandas and the Pope

Amid our discontent, the spectacle of Hillary and the Donald or the evidence of violence all around might be healed, per chance, by the sight of tiny pandas and a big-hearted pope.

D.C.'s Spike in Homicides: Police Union Criticizes MPD Tactics

The police union criticizes Chief Cathy Lanier for disbanding drug and vice units. It is one of the causes, the union says, for the increase in violent crimes. Others add that D.C. needs more police officers.

The Dignity of Julian Bond Remembered During This Summer of Trump

Bond and Trump; Trump and Bond: such is the study of contrasts in America today, according to socio-political observer Gary Tischler.

Tue, 6 Dec 2016 03:11:31 -0500

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