Gary Tischler

At Penn Quarter Meeting, Police Chief Cites Rise of Encampments and Synthetic Drugs

D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier sees noise and the homeless as more of a problem downtown than violent crimes or robberies.

GOP Debaters Win by Hitting the Mainstream Media

This week's CNBC-hosted GOP debate in Boulder, Colorado, took place against a framework of relative triumph for some Republicans and the party—as Rep. Paul became Speaker of the House.

Jason — Like Jazz — Takes In from Everywhere

It’s pretty plain to see that Jason Moran, the artistic director for jazz at the Kennedy Center, is quite ...

We'll Miss Them: Michael Stevens, Maureen O'Hara and Flip Saunders

Reflections on producer Michael Stevens, actress Maureen O'Hara, and NBA coach Flip Saunders, all of whom recently passed away.

The Benghazi Trials and the Other Washington

Washington was in the spotlight last week because of Hillary Clinton's appearance on Capitol Hill. Columnist Gary Tischler reflects on her hearing as well as the other Washington, where we all live, work and play.

Happy 70th Birthday, United Nations

A reflection on the United Nations' 70th anniversary, which brings birthday festivities to some of the world's most renowned landmarks this week.

Re-animating a Unique British-African Life

Act quickly. “Sancho: An Act of Remembrance,” a one-man play by British playwright and actor Paterson Joseph, is at the Kennedy Center Oct. 23 and 24 only.

Halloween Reigns in Our Town

It’s official, or it will be Oct. 30.

That’s when a coven, you might say, of notables will ...

Get Ready for Kids Euro Festival Oct. 24

It’s time once again for the eighth annual Kids Euro Festival—Oct. 24 to Nov. 8—described as a kind of local trip to Europe without the need for a passport.

Winner of Tuesday's Debate? The Dems, Seriously

Democrats finally hold a presidential candidate debate Oct. 13 in Las Vegas of all places, and it pays off for Clinton and her party.

Interrogating Jessica Dickey of 'The Guard' at Ford's

Playwright Jessica Dickey leaves her ideas and vitality on stage at Ford's Theatre with her work, "The Guard," closing after Sunday.

DC Jazz's Sumter Makes the Morning Sunny

Sunny Sumter of the DC Jazz Festival owned the room as she sang, explained music culture and spoke of her big ambitions for D.C.'s jazz future.

Women's Theater Festival: Observing 'The Guard' and 'Elizabeth R' and Much More

The Women’s Voices Theater Festival going in Washington, D.C., is a grand crossing of all things theatrical and thematic—and all written by women. Here are two reviews—and more to come.

'Chimerica': U.S, China in a Haunting Embrace

“Chimerica” is a challenge for actors and for the audience. It runs from 1989, the year of Tiananmen Square, to 2012, with an American photographer wondering what happened to “tank man,” who stood in front of a tank in the vast Beijing square.

Star Violinist Semenenko at Ukrainian Embassy Oct. 6, 7

Ukrainian Aleksey Semenenko will perform in the second Embassy Series of the season at the Embassy of the Ukraine in Georgetown Oct. 6 and 7.

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