Gary Tischler

Jim Kimsey: D.C.'s Stylish, Generous Achiever

If you want to think of Kimsey as embodied, you might want to think of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby, blessed with being able to move in and inhabit the American dream. 

Super Tuesday: So Yuge It's Apocalypse Now

WIth Donald Trump leading big for the March 1 primaries, the collateral damage to the American electoral process and perhaps the Republican Party becomes evident. 

88th Oscars: Too White, But Thankfully, Saved by Chris Rock

“Are the Oscars racist?” host Chris Rock asked. “Hell, yes,” he replied, “but in a sorority sort of way.” And, yes, Leo got his Oscar.

'Raymonda': the Power of Technique, Emotion and Tradition

The Mariinsky Ballet's production of “Raymonda” serves the time-honored glories and pleasures of classical ballet.  It seemed perfect for the audience on hand.

 Harper Lee of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and Southern Literature

Writer, reader and book lover Gary Tischler takes a look at the art of Lee, one-book wonders, Southern Lit and the life of books and novelist.

Performing Arts Spring Preview

People love opera — madly, passionately, unreasonably, joyfully.

People hate opera — disdainfully, passionately, unreasonably, deeply.

Count me among the swains.

I ...

Running a Fever: the Virus That Is the 2016 Campaign

The country is feverish, after Bush drops out, Trump continues to insult, Rubio continues not to win and Hillary doesn't quite get Berned. This will continue until the election, followed by cold sweats.

'For Colored Girls . . .' Paired With 'Word Becomes Flesh' at Anacostic Playhouse

Theater Alliance brings the #BlackLivesMatter slogan vividly alive at the Anacostia Playhouse.

Candidates Debate Again: After Scalia, 9/11 and Fear

The presidential election campaign—on both sides—rose up like a chomping, ravenous dragon, devouring the news of Scalia’s death as just more grist for the primary campaign season. 

WNO's 'Lost in the Stars': Potent Tragedy, Music With a Heart and Conscience

Based on the novel “Cry, the Beloved Country,” “Lost in the Stars” sneaks up on you like a persistent whisper. It runs through Feb. 20 at the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theater.

Apartheid Onstage: Kurt Weill’s ‘Lost in the Stars’

People who go to Washington National Opera to see Kurt Weill’s last work, “Lost in the Stars” — Feb. 12 ...

Fear and Snowing on the Campaign Trail: The 2016 Campaign and the Days of Our Lives

Georgetowner writer Gary Tischler looks on the impact of the campaign and the New Hampshire primary. 

'City of Conversation': An Echo and Warning on Political Passions

“The City of Conversation” plays really well on the stage as a very human family drama and as a political comedy-drama that echoes mightily in these crazed primary times,

Washington Ballet's Septime Webre to Depart

Septime Webre, the Washington Ballet’s dynamic artistic director for the past 17 years, has announced that he will be leaving the company in June.

Chinese New Year Arrives at Kennedy Center with Great Fanfare

It's the Year of the Monkey—and this weekend, Feb. 5 to 8, will be all about Chinese New Year and the arts in China at the nation's performing arts center.

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