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Literary Sugar of 'Bright Star': We Want Some More

“Bright Star” is especially striking and not a little startling because its heroes and heroines are literary types—on the Eisenhower Theatre at the Kennedy Center through Jan. 10.

Father Rick Curry, Co-founder of Dog Tag Bakery, Dies at 72

Co-founder of Dog Tag Bakery, Rev. Richard Curry, S.J., of Georgetown University passed away Saturday evening, Dec. 19, at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

A Few Who Have Left the Stage, and Our Lives: 2015

Each year, we count up our losses — the passing of those who in the course or the whole of their ...

Last Debate of 2015: Was It Fun for You, Too?

The fifth Republican presidential campaign debate—in Las Vegas, the city where dreams go to die an unnatural death, no less—had it all: context, immediacy, urgency and a theme.

Chaka Khan: Swimming in Every Musical Ocean

Thinking about the life of Chaka Khan so far is like trying to read a really thick, epic novel in ...

In This Time, In This Season

We are living in a time when certain politicians who shall remain nameless (for once) advocate closing America’s borders ...

‘Hansel and Gretel’ Is Catnip for Kids

Engelbert Humperdinck’s “Hansel and Gretel,” based on the Grimm Brothers fairy tale, runs through Dec. 20 at the Kennedy Center Opera House.

Signature's Gardiner on 'West Side Story'

Director Matthew Gardiner views "West Side Story" as "the best structured musical drama ever written. It’s practically perfect."

Feds Drop Case Against Former Mayor Vince Gray

It appears that former District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray’s long political and legal nightmare is over.

The nearly ...

A Second Coming: the Terrorists and the President

It was only the third speech President Barack Obama has delivered from the Oval Office, and it was apparently meant as a signal as to how serious he is about fighting terrorism.

Music for the Paris Dead Amid Today's News

The Embassy Series—the long-standing Washington concert series which brings audiences to the city’s embassies and ambassadorial residences for ...

Francesca Zambello: Opera's Pied Piper

At The Georgetowner’s Cultural Leadership Breakfast at the George Town Club, opera's Francesca Zambello spoke of risky and grand shows as well as continually growing the audience.

Love Letter to France: Merci to the Life and the Gifts of the French

It has been almost three weeks since the Nov. 13 terrorist and ISIL-credited attacks shocked the world and struck Paris ...

Frog, Toad, Elephant, Piggie and a Lump of Coal

’Tis the season. Especially for young people.

This is all the more true in the world of theater and performing ...

'Kiss Me, Kate': As Fresh as a Slap in the Face

Alan Paul of the Shakespeare Theatre Company knows his way around a Broadway musical. “Kiss Me, Kate” is a hands-down love letter to show biz and to those who holler, “Hey, I know, let’s put on a show.”

Fri, 2 Dec 2016 13:02:10 -0500

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