Gary Tischler


When Democrat John Fitzgerald Kennedy became President of the United States — by the thinnest of margins — I was a few ...

'Madame Butterfly': A Fabrication That Rings True

There are four more performances of the WNO production at the Kennedy Center. By hook or crook, seize the moment and find a way.

Wide Winners' Circle at Helen Hayes Awards

Theatre Washington held its 33rd annual celebration of local theater — in all of its forms, sizes and investments — last Monday at the Lincoln Theatre.

Actor Powers Boothe: Roles That Lived and Live Still

For all of us who have spent big parts of their lives watching movies in theaters or otherwise, television shows ...

Regarding Gardens

Ever since Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, humans have been trying to resurrect pieces of it.

The Latest Trumpian Firestorm: 'Gate' Not Game

The political implications are manifest, but it’s the whole drama of the Comey firing that affects the American psyche the most.

Moran, Persig, Demme Pass On

A sitcom actress, the writer of a cultish best seller and a director of feature and documentary films died late last month.

City Choir and Shafer Hit 10-Year Mark

Seasons come and go and time flies and the cityscape changes — as do tastes in music and the arts and ...

'Balanchine, Ratmansky, Tharp': Ballet's Contemporary History

The Washington Ballet's Julie Kent offers a program this week by three choreographers who are intrinsic to the history of ballet and exemplary of all the places where the inventive heart can go and move.

March for Science Adds Urgency to Earth Day

Science and the environment are threatened today as at no other time in our history.

Tribute to Pete Seeger, Grandfatherly Pied Piper

On April 15 in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall, you thought you could hear that once-powerful, roughish voice.

An Old Friend, 'Chicago,' Plops into Our Laps

Touring versions of long-standing Broadway musical hits present peculiar dilemmas and rewards for audiences. Conversely, new audiences present both opportunities ...

Rickles, 'Mr. Warmth,' Bows Out at 90

The don (if not the inventor) of insult comedy, loved by all who knew him — including Carson and Sinatra — died last Thursday.

Band Kids From the Heartland at Russia's Embassy

Washington's Embassy Series brought about an electric and hopeful meeting of cultures April 5.

Kreeger Museum's Founding Director Looks Back

Judy A. Greenberg spoke this morning at Georgetown Media Group's Cultural Leadership Breakfast at the George Town Club.

Thu, 25 May 2017 08:23:36 -0400

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