Garrett Faulkner

ANC Update: The Return of the Left Turn

Making a left turn into upper Georgetown is awfully difficult. But thanks to a little coaxing by Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, the ANC 2E and others, that’s about to change.

Enter the iLife

Apple, under the guidance of Steve Jobs, revolutionized technology for the layman. Georgetown — and the District — have finally joined the party.

Barbecue's Best

Garrett Faulkner and Ari Post sit down and dig in with Georgetown's most eminent barbecue chefs.

Perfect Pies

Whether you're after a traditional recipe or something with true pizzazz, Washington's contributions to America's favorite food stack up easily to the best efforts of New York or Chicago.

Georgetown to City's Rats: Look Out

Cherry Hill Lane, or at least part of it, may be the paragon of pest-free living in Georgetown.

Watergate deal closes at $45 million

The most notorious hotel in the country has sold for $45 million, the Washington Business Journal reports. The iconic and ...

Streetcars Nixed, Resurrected

Morso to Open Thursday

The much-anticipated Mediterranean eatery Morso will open May 27, located at 3277 M St. The restaurant is the brainchild of ...

ANC Update: More Liquor Licenses for Georgetown?

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E’s May meeting began on a sobering note, with the Metro Police Department’s John ...

April 2010 ANC Update

At the ANC 2E’s March 30 meeting, the news was unsettling: crime is on the rise in Georgetown in recent weeks.

Twilight for Philly Pizza?

On March 10, it looked as if Philly Pizza, or at least the ranch-drizzled pizza slinger as we knew it, may finally have been laid to rest for good.

Powell gets Pythagorean at Dumbarton House

On March 15, the Citizens Association of Georgetown gathered to talk a little classical architecture at Q Street’s Dumbarton ...

Look out, Ritz-Carlton: Capella Comes to Georgetown

Capella Hotels and Resorts, founded by Horst Shulze, a former exec at Ritz-Carlton, recently announced plans for a new addition to their swank network of hotels right here in Georgetown.

Future bright for M29, serendipitous for Nathans

M29 invited us for a peek at Georgetown's newest retail store.

Evans chats up neighbors, ANC

At last week’s ANC 2E meeting, Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, always in every place and with little time ...

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