David Roffman

Former Publisher Dave Roffman: Survivor

David Roffman, former editor and publisher of The Georgetowner, retired to the Gulf Coast six years ago. He and his ...

NCAA Men's Basketball: Arizona to Win It All

Retired editor and publisher David Roffman did a great job predicting the Oscar winners. Here's his take on "March Madness" and who the winner will be.

Oscars 2015: Academy Awards Predictions

Movie buff Dave Roffman, retired publisher of the Georgetowner, chimes in during Oscars weekend and calls it for "Birdman."

My Georgetowner Moments: 60 for 60 Years

Having been associated with The Georgetowner (assistant editor, editor, publisher) for 42 years of the publication's 60 years, I ...

The Georgetowner’s March Through History . . . and Georgetown

As The Georgetowner newspaper closes in on its 60th Anniversary, it seems fitting that your town crier will be relocating ...

Manning the Polls in a Red State

Former editor and publisher, David Roffman retired from the Georgetown in 2009 and moved to Alabama, a very different place ...

Portrait of a Georgetowner

Within the rather well-defined borders of the Town live more than 13,000 Georgetowners. And to commemorate our 58 years ...

Georgetown Senior Center: Enjoying Golden Years

When all is said and done, the real citadel of strength in any community is in the hearts, minds and ...

Georgetown Christmas: Dave’s Yuletide Poem 2011

Let’s order the fine Christmas wine

For the Obamas while they Georgetown dine

Maybe at Citronelle, or at the ...

What's happening to our merchants?

Georgetown has always had its ups and downs. Let’s be a little more creative.

Mon, 26 Jun 2017 11:27:34 -0400

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