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The Games of Tax Rates and Jobs Creation

The cup magician, a small business job creator, has a tax question. How much tax should he pay on the money in his hat? Is it earned income with a possible 35-percent rate? Or can an imaginative tax guru figure a way to characterize this process as investment income, perhaps as a dividend from the capital investment in the cups and sponge ball, resulting in the lower 15-percent rate?

The Opposite Ways the GOP and Dems Choose a Nominee

Since Franklin Roosevelt was president, Republicans and Democrats have created diametrically opposite methods for choosing their presidential nominees.

Congress Returns to Economic Reality

2011 was so much fun in Congress. Will 2012 offer the same? The House of Representatives convened on Tuesday, January 17th, and the Senate will return next week. The fun hasn’t quite started yet, but it will and it will be loud.

Truth, Justice and The American Way

Superman! Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound ...

A House Divided . . . Again

“A house divided against itself cannot long endure,” Abraham Lincoln so eloquently said. More than ever, since then, the country ...

Our Educational System: Trick or Treat?

Answer my history question and get a treat. Or miss it and get a treat. But learn a little along ...

9 - 9 - 9, ridiculous or on the right path?

Tax reform is like birthdays. They come around every year with the promises of money and gifts. The current flavor ...

Why Age 65? How About 85?

Why is age 65 the retirement age?

Legend has it that when Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor of Germany in the ...

Are We In A Recession?

Are we in a double dip recession?

Economists hedge their bets using percentage. Most suggest a 30 percent chance we ...

The Debt Ceiling: A Punch List

The Top 10 list of why the debt ceiling debate was a big joke (and this is no joke):

  1. The ...

Digging Deeper Into Pockets, Into Debt

Does the government spend too much? Probably.

Are taxes too low? Probably.

Is there an easy or quick fix? Absolutely ...

Today, the Debt Ceiling debate is MAD

By the 1980s, the U.S. and the Soviet Union together had amassed 25,000 nuclear warheads aimed at each other. Carl Sagan, the people’s scientist, compared it to two people standing in a room the size of a football field filled up to their chins with gasoline, each holding 10,000 matches and each threatening to light one. Today, the Debt Ceiling debate is MAD.

Up is steeper than down

The economy seems to be counter-intuitive. Good is bad, and bad is good. Why is the slope up a hill steeper than the slope down a hill? Seems like it should be the same, but it never is.

Is Health Care a Moral Issue?

For the past sixty years, we have debated whether health care is a moral issue, that is, whether we as a nation have a moral obligation to provide health care to everyone or whether each individual is responsible for his or her own health care. Except for the United States, every democracy on earth believes it has a moral obligation to provide health care to its entire citizenry.

Save Our Health Care System

Don’t mess with my health care!! Throw out Obamacare!!!

A majority of the House of Representatives voted to do ...

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