David Post

Near-Death Experience Exposes Healthcare Abroad

A heavy dizziness like a black cloud engulfed me in a matter of seconds.

“Dad, are you ready?”


“Mom ...

Read Globally, Tax Locally

Imagine my surprise.

I was sitting in the lobby of an elegant hotel in Florence, Italy enjoying a glass of ...

Democrats Not Realigned by Obama

Monday morning quarterbacks are saying that President Obama’s re-election realigned the Democratic Party and that the Republicans are facing ...

History of Tax Rates

Pity today’s students. The old math is out. The new math is in.

Under the old math, higher tax ...

Tax Time

It’s crunch time. The last week to file those tax returns on extensions. President Obama filed his return on time in April. Mitt Romney got extensions and filed later.

I’m Confused

The old man was sitting at the kitchen table, holding a hanky over his weeping eyes.

“What’s the matter ...

Presidential Election Anything but Laughable

In the early 1970s, the late comedian Pat Paulsen wrote a book called “How to Wage a Successful Campaign for ...

The Hunger Games of Romney-Ryan Plan

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said he’s been reading “The Hunger Games” to relax. Me, too. Romney is reading ...

Veep Power: Romney Clears a Future Ryan Presidential Run

Mitt Romney was right when he introduced Paul Ryan as the “next President of the United States” in Norfolk, Va ...

Getting nothing for $5 Billion

$5 Billion!

Fifty-some laws. Most were meaningless.

That’s the Congressional record for 2012.

Largely dominated by the newly energized ...

Jim, Carl and Myself and Our Embrace of Civility

Please don’t tell anyone, but some of my friends are evangelical conservative Republicans, my political polar opposites.

I am ...

Court Ruling on Obamacare Gets Personal for This Father

“Don’t worry, Dad. I’m OK,” my son slurred into my phone.

I was at lunch with a friend ...

The Tax Burdens on Small Businesses

I am Joe the Plumber. It hit me, as I finished my tax return last week and wrote a check ...

No Dodos, Bush and Obama Stopped a Depression

Forty years ago, I won what became my family’s first "Dodo of the Year" award. Instead of calling me ...

The Wealth of Presidents

How rich is Mitt Romney compared to other presidents? His most recent tax return proves that he's worth a cool quarter billion. So, where would that rank? He’d be behind only President George Washington. But unlike Washington, Romney didn’t inherit his wealth. He earned it.

Tue, 27 Jun 2017 20:20:47 -0400

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