David Post

Obamacare: Unintended Consequences

The law that governments most commonly pass is the Law of Unintended Consequences.

The legislation to help small businesses reduce ...

Healthcare: Numbers Count

Mark Twain said, “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.” Numbers matter. They tell a story.

Eighteen percent. Eighteen percent ...

Can a Squirrel Kill Obamacare?

About 25 years ago, a popping noise arose outside our office. Then everything went dark.

The door next to ours ...

To Pay or Not to Pay Taxes

I’m a deadbeat.

Eight years ago, I purchased a two-year old condo in a beautifully manicured gated community with ...

ObamaCare vs. Affordable Care Act

Informal polls by newspapers and comedians and formal polls by Fox and CNN indicate that more people prefer the Affordable ...

Whatever Happened to Austerity?

What happened to “austerity”?

For the past few years, cutting spending was all the rage.

Now, except for the sequester ...

Animal Instincts

Animal laws are challenging.

Especially when elephants start making new donkey and dog laws.

Elephants are worried that 600,000 ...

Legislating in Jesus's Name

Where I'm from - Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina - is still a mystery location, but it is on a map ...

16th Amendment Turns 100

Happy Birthday, dear 16th Amendment.

You are now 100 years old. And, what a 100 years it’s been. Before ...

Possible Austerity Poses Threat to Slow-Moving Recovery

A glimpse, by definition, is a brief preview of what lies ahead.

The last quarter of 2012, last October through ...

Making Sense of the Gun Control Debate

Twenty-seven words.

13 don't count.

"A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state..."

Those ...

Civil Rights Era Called for Everyday Heroes to Show Courage Against Discrimination

Some heroes are famous. Others are just quietly courageous.

The most courageous people I ever met, and admittedly never knew ...

Like the Road Runner, Congress Manages to Escape Trouble

Remember Thelma and Louise?

Louise shoots a drunk guy who tried to rape Thelma. They headed for Mexico, chased by ...

Hit the Pause Button, But Get Ready to Hit Play

Here’s the real problem: Americans like what government does but don’t like to pay for it. Now, hit the play button again.

Fiscal Cliff: How Did It Come To This?

Suppose you owed $15,000 and earned $15,000. (Multiply those figures by a billion, and that’s almost what ...

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