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Ask the Realtor

Dear Darrell,

Is there any advantage in my trying to buy a property before the end of the year, rather ...

Ask the Realtor

I am working with a Realtor to buy a house. He keeps asking me for more and more of my financial information. I like working with him and think he is a good agent, but am a little put off by having to give my financial particulars. I also don’t want to be rude by telling him this is private and that I don’t want to share it. Is it common for agents to request this sort of thing?

Ask the Realtor

Darrell Parsons offers his two cents on the classic real estate question: Should you rent or buy?

Ask the Realtor

What's the best time to sell?

Ask the Realtor

Why live in Georgetown — or the city in general? Darrell Parsons has more than a few reasons.

Ask the Realtor

I want to begin the process of buying a condo, but I don’t know where to begin. How do I get started?

Ask the Realtor

In a tough housing market, when's the right time to sell?

Is MRIS Worth It?

Tax Credit for First-Time Homebuyers

Dear Darrell:
I was looking for a condo to buy, and since I am a first-time buyer, wanted to buy ...

What About My Artifacts?

Dear Darrell: I will be selling my house soon. I’ve lived here for a long time and have collected ...

I'm getting inconsistent appraisals!

Dear Darrell: I live in Georgetown. In the process of thinking about selling my house over the past few years ...

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