Corrie Dyke

Red Line Closures and Weekend Track Work

Water infiltration at Metro’s Friendship Heights and Medical Center stations on the Red Line could cause closings.

ShopHouse’s Fresh Fast Food Intrepreneur

The Georgetowner sat down with Chipotle’s concept development director Tim Wildin during the first few minutes of its Aug ...

Illuminations Closing

The cool shop of lamps in Cady's Alley, Illuminations, will soon close its doors.

Peacock Café Chef and Owner Maziar Farivar Honored at State Department Culinary Partnership

The State Department's program of peace through dining picked one of Georgetown's own -- Peacock Cafe's chef Maziar Farivar -- for its Diplomatic Culinary Partnership Initiative.

ShopHouse Eatery to Open on M Street Aug. 19

ShopHouse with its Southeast Asian cuisine will make its debut on M Street, across from the Four Seasons, on Monday.

Georgetown House Tour: Benefiting the Georgetown Ministry Center

The Georgetown Ministry Center is a small organization that has quietly been making a difference in the Georgetown community for years. They are a unique social service continuing to better the neighborhood they serve, with one main goal: to get the homeless off the streets.

The 2011 Patrons Party, Hosted by Leslie Morgan and Perry Steiner

The annual Georgetown House Tour has long marked the start of the social season. Begun by St. John’s Episcopal Church as a program to help those in need, the House Tour has since become one of the most anticipated events of spring. Keeping its stamina throughout the years, the Tour continues to be touched by the hands of those who are passionate about Georgetown and desire to give back to their community.

Business Ins & Outs

The latest business happenings in Georgetown. Stores moving in, and out.

Historic Garden Week in Virginia

The Garden Club of Virginia will continue to nurture Virginia’s deeply rooted history during Garden Week, April 16 – 23, showcasing some of the finest properties the state has to offer.

Obama's Goals To Stop Our Dependency

President Obama set ambitious goals for the future of America’s dependency on foreign supplies and moving the country in a more energy efficient direction. The President stated that the problem will not be solved with quick fixes, calling for a one-third reduction in U.S. oil imports by 2025.

Weekend Round Up

Check out what’s happening around town this weekend with The Georgetowner’s interactive calendar. Looking for an excuse to ...

Cherry Blossom Festival Events

As the dreary winter weather bids Washington its final adieu, the Cherry Blossom Festival lifts the spirits of residents and visitors who come to enjoy the official bloom of spring. The Lantern Lighting Ceremony among the Cherry Blossoms, pictured above, signals the arrival of spring. Each year the National Park Service and the National Council of State Societies conduct the Lantern Lighting Ceremony, and the Embassy of Japan appoints a Cherry Blossom Princess for the occasion. With so many things to do in such a short amount of time, here is an events list to help you choose.

Japan Relief in Washington: Get Involved

Washington’s relationship with Japan is exemplified in the National Cherry Blossom Festival. With the recent Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami ...

An Individual Work Experience

The One City Youth Employment Summer Program, a product of the Department of Employment Services, has a tougher twist.

Offering ...

Loudoun Goes Fresh

The Piedmont Environmental Council has jumped on board with Buy Fresh Buy Local, a national non-profit organization and campaign dedicated to rebuilding local food systems. Chapters are developing all over the United States, promoting and connecting consumers with fresh produce from local farmers.

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