Caroline Jackson

Window Into Wine: The Grapes of Autumn

Fall has arrived, and for American and European wineries, that means harvest time! Across the northern hemisphere, many wine regions ...

Window Into Wine

Read into this crash course on Wine Labels with Caroline Jackson. By the end, you will be able to select through the isles of wine and find the one with its origin and blend that is perfectly suited for your taste pallet.

A Window Into the Wine of Charlottesville, Virginia

While new wineries continue to pop up across the East Coast from New York to North Carolina, there is no region gaining more ground in both quality and recognition than the greater Charlottesville wine region. Farmers over the past 200 years cultivated the soil for fruit crops like apples and peaches, which set an ideal stage for what is now known as the Monticello American Viticultural Area (AVA).

A Window Into Wine

If there is one tool most vital in propelling the East Coast wine industry towards a West Coast level of prestige, that instrument is education. And there are more opportunities for wine education in the East than ever before.

A Window Into Wine: We’re Just Getting Started

Winemaking is one of the fastest-growing agricultural industries in the Mid-Atlantic area. Due to the rapid mutual progression of viticultural ...

A Window Into Wine

Virginia’s wineries are continuing to find new ways to work together to evaluate and improve the quality of their products. Virginia is now organized into six official AVA’s (American Viticultural Areas), a notable move towards industry coordination and quality control...

A Window into Wine

People have a rampant misconception that East Coast wines are sweet, simple, and unrefined. They say that our land is not suited for the growth of proper wine grapes. The truth is, we just got a late start. It won’t be long before “Monticello Viognier” will be as common a phrase as “Napa Cabernet.”

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