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What’s Behind Today’s Underwriting Guidelines

One question frequently asked is why mortgage standards are so strict these days. The reason for the stringent underwriting standards ...

Let's Have Some Refinance Relief for FHA Mortgage Loan Holders

On April 18, 2011 the mortgage insurance premiums (MIP) were increased on all Federal Housing Administration mortgages.  The old monthly ...

Where Is Common Sense Underwriting?

2011 was quite the year in the mortgage industry. Underwriting standards got even tougher even for the most qualified consumers ...

Mortgages at Record Low

It has been an interesting summer in the mortgage industry. The following are highlights of where things are in the ...

Summertime Mortgages

The summer of 2011 has been an interesting one in the world of mortgage lending.

Rates have continued to hover ...

Navigating A Mortgage In Today’s Market

Mortgage underwriting rules have gone from a bad extreme of four or so years ago to an equally bad extreme today.

Mortgage Interest Rates Respond To World Events

Bad news can be good news for the bond markets and ultimately for mortgage interest rates.

Mortgage Checkup

Interest rates continue to be in a narrow range, being pulled in different directions depending on the events of the ...

Mortgage Rules In 2011

extreme. There were too many abuses by the mortgage industry and some customers. There were too few restrictions on loan ...


A couple of years ago, if a homeowner was offered a jumbo-sized mortgage for a home in Washington for 4.375% they would beg for the loan to be locked. In fact, the customer would probably think the mortgage loan officer was misquoting his or her rate sheet. But that was 2009. Today clients sometimes let greed take over. A lot of borrowers are taking their time in making the decision to move forward in anticipation of even lower rates.


The fourth quarter of 2010 is proving to be a most interesting time in mortgages. Rates are fluctuating at near record lows. House prices are trying to stabilize. Underwriting is as stringent as ever.

Rates Are At Record Lows

In a July 22 release by Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Survey, the 30-year and 15-year fixed-rate mortgages reached record lows.

Interest Rates are Moderating

Mortgage rates were forecasted to head to 6 percent, and like many weather forecasts, these predictions were simply wrong.

Rent or Buy?

With mortgage interest rates low these days and the rental market in the Georgetown area stubbornly high, many are taking the time to examine if the time is right to rent or purchase a property.

The Markets are Volatile

The roller coaster ride in the financial markets continues. At best, it is a nerve-racking time for anyone who is watching their investments.

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