Ari Post

From Farm to Table

Farmers' markets: a congregation of local and regional farmers who harvest their produce at dawn, load it up in a pick-up, drive into town, and set up shop. Sounds just about perfect.

A Fabulous Fourth, 2010

Compiled by Ari Post | Jun 30, 2010

Let New York City have New Years. Chicago can keep St. Patrick’s Day. No one does the Fourth of July like Washington, D.C.

Barbecue's Best

Garrett Faulkner and Ari Post sit down and dig in with Georgetown's most eminent barbecue chefs.

Elizabeth Kendall at Cross Mackenzie Gallery

Elizabeth Kendall was taught to sew by her grandmother. That influence has found its way into her sculptures on more than one occasion.

Tayo Adenaike at the Parish Gallery

Tayo Adenaike is an artist with something to say, even if one can only hear him by using their eyes.

Perfect Pies

Whether you're after a traditional recipe or something with true pizzazz, Washington's contributions to America's favorite food stack up easily to the best efforts of New York or Chicago.

Angela Iovino at the Parish Gallery

Iovino’s series of watercolors at the Parish Gallery, open through May 18th, is a kernel of cool mint, cleansing the palette between the explosive, bright flavors being offered around the city.

Spring 2010 Visual Arts Preview

Compiled by Ari Post and John Blee | Apr 7, 2010

Spring is finally in the works, which is good news for art galleries. Ari Post and John Blee present their picks among Washington's galleries, museums and more.

Tricia Messerschmitt, Realtor

Interviewed by Ari Post | Apr 7, 2010

The McFadden Group's Tricia Messerschmitt sits down with us to talk community involvement, Georgetown's Montrose Park and a little golf.

2010 Georgetown House Tour

Around 80 years ago, St. John’s Episcopal Church started a program to help the homeless and the hungry. This neighborhood block party of a charity event was the first Georgetown House Tour.

The Business of Being in Business

The financial recession found the stock market plummeting to near-record lows. But according to Jack Garson, now is a great time to start a business.

All About Oysters

Seafood lovers know the Washington area for its great crabs. But one hundred years ago, D.C. was known for its oysters, and over the last 10 years these coin-sized delicacies have been making a thundering resurgence.

Wintry Weekends

With this surplus of residual snow comes a unique opportunity for those itching for a relaxing weekend getaway.

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