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The Autumn of the Equestrian

Dry stacked stones run in walls along twisting roads that separate the chewed up asphalt from the rolling hillsides. Whitewashed ...

Book Hill Galleries of Georgetown Host Fall Season Art Kick-Off

Up on Wisconsin Avenue, the galleries of Book Hill celebrate the autumnal equinox and open their doors to art lovers.

The Auction Block

Sotheby’s Giuseppe Penone “Lignes D’Eau” Bronze sculpture, 157 ½ in. Beginning on Sept. 20 and running through October ...

‘Munnings: Out in the Open’ At the National Sporting Library and Museum

Sir Alfred James Munnings was among the true masters of equine art. His paintings of foxhunting, racing and equestrian society are benchmarks of the genre. Animal, nature and man come together on his canvases in tenuous harmony, evincing both the grand theatricality and quiet naturalism of equestrian life.

Visual Arts: Freer’s Japan, Whistler and August Saint-Gaudens

Freer - Sackler Aug. 24 – Feb. 9, 2014 Charles Freer and the Arts of Japan Between 1895 and 1911, Charles Lang ...

The Auction Block

Amidst a graciously mild Washington summer, we are beginning to see the first signs of autumn coming around the bend ...

End of Summer Wrap-up

Freer and Sackler Galleries “Perspectives: Rina Banerjee” Through June 8, 2014 The Sackler Gallery will feature the work of Rina ...

Norman Parish: August 26, 1937 - July 8, 2013

Georgetown lost a great friend on Aug. 8.

Norman Parish, Jr. was born Aug. 26, 1937, in the ninth ward ...

'War/Photography' at the Corcoran Gallery of Art

There are pictures of soldiers in “War/Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath,” whose faces are indelibly distant ...

Marshall’s America

One of the most celebrated painters currently working in the United States, Marshall makes work about African American identity and experience, and the narratives of their history that have been widely excluded from our country’s ever broadening patrimony. He also proves himself a discerning and eloquent ambassador to not only his own work, but to art history and an alternative American heritage.

Taste of Summer: How to Shop at a Farmers Market

From the spring through the early summer, farmers markets around the Washington area swell with the season’s bounty. From ...

Farewell to the Parish Gallery

The Parish Gallery, located at Canal Square, will soon close. Its final exhibit opens Friday, June 21, with a 6 p.m. reception.

Georges Braque at the Phillips Collection

At the Phillips Collection through Sept. 1, “Georges Braque and the Cubist Still Life” examines Braque’s career from 1928 – 1945, a time between the two World Wars when the artist honed his cubist innovations and individual style through the motif of the still life.

The Auction Block

As summer rears its fiery head, many auction houses close their doors for the season. Through July and August, they ...

‘Over Under Next’ Experiments in Mixed Media 1913 – Present

It is important to believe that something significant can be born out of us, because we ourselves are significant. We ...

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