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Last Taste of Summer: Crabs

There really is no Delmarva summer experience as quintessential and satisfying as digging into your very own bucket of Chesapeake blue crabs. And these days, Ttere are enough authentic crab houses in the Metro area to satisfy even the most stringent crab purists.

A History of Luxury The Greenbrier Resort

In the small community of White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, nestled safely within the Allegheny Mountains, lies one of this ...

An Intermission for Cross MacKenzie Gallery

Cross MacKenzie Gallery will be relocating to a new space downtown over the course of the summer. She sat down to speak with us about her personal history, her experiences in Georgetown, owning a gallery in today’s economy, and the blessings and burdens of championing the sculptural and ceramic arts.

Pickling with Ris

Pickling, a process of prepping to preserve for months, is not just cooking but an art. Ris Lacoste, owner and executive chef of RIS shares her thoughts, tips, and recipes to make it taste the best.

Gallery Wrap

Here are some highlights from the local gallery scene, with exhibitions range from painter Ed Cooper's bucolic landscapes at Susan Calloway Fine Art, to the multifaceted and effusive group show from the Duke Ellington School of the Arts faculty at the Parish Gallery.

Nam June Paik and Lewis Baltz at the NGA

Nam June Paik and Lewis Baltz are not a likely association. The two artists never met in any substantial capacity or worked together, nor did they express any noted interest in one another. What they do have in common is that their works are both on display in compelling, complimentary exhibitions at the National Gallery of Art.

Across the Cutting Board with Ris

“Other than shad roe,” said Ris, as we walked around the farmers market on a windy Saturday afternoon, “asparagus is just the harbinger of spring.” Looking around, every vendor had buckets of the fat, twiggy vegetables, rubber-banded in bunches with their spiky pompadours pointed toward the sky. And everyone at the market that day seemed to be there just for the occasion with baggies, satchels and Radio Flyers overflowing with springtime’s most famous green.

Acupuncture: A Tradition of Wellbeing

“You might bend down to pick up a pen and hurt your back, but that’s not why you hurt your back,” says Sung Up Hong. “There is a history and a reason behind that problem with deeper roots than what you see and feel on the outside.” That is the goal of acupuncture, says Hong, a third-generation licensed acupuncturist: to find the root cause of the problem and treat the patient holistically.

The Raw Food Revolution: Green Yourself

In April of 2009, Elizabeth Petty was diagnosed with breast cancer. She began eating a raw food diet and, now cancer free, has merged her career with her lifestyle, creating a platform to raise awareness of this remarkable, beneficial approach to health.

DC CityCenter Construction Begins at Former Convention Center Site

On Monday April 4, DC CityCenter broke ground at the site of the former DC convention center. The project is an enormous undertaking for the city, and promises to transform the east end of Downtown. DC Mayor Vincent Gray calls CityCenter,“ one of the most important projects in the history of the District of Columbia.”

Across the Cutting Board with Ris

Brunch being a community affair, everyone brings some dish to the table and the meal usually becomes a wild smattering of tastes. Here are Ris' recipes for short rib hash and blueberry cheese puffs, two brunch plates you wouldn't want to go without.

Sam Gilliam & The Phillips Collection

As a painter who has never abandoned his city, Sam Gilliam’s installation at The Phillips Collection is an achievement for the arts in Washington, reinforcing the community among the city’s visual arts efforts and breathing new life into the Phillips as a contemporary art museum.

“20 Years, 20 Artists” at The Ralls Collection

The Ralls Collection has assembled another monumental exhibition, significant to the local community and the artistic community at large, which bridges an array of styles and influence into a cohesive and relevant body of works. It is only March, but this exhibition will surely go down as one of the major arts events of 2011.

Across the Cutting Board with Ris

By Ari Post, with recipes by Ris Lacoste Ari Post | Mar 11, 2011

Since Ris first brought me into her kitchen, she has told me the tales of Bob Juliano. Powerhouse lobbyist for almost forty years and an unmistakable Chicago native, Bob has been following Ris around since her days at Kinkead’s. Call it a culinary crush. This is a man who has gone to bat with the big boys of Washington, including the Executive Branch, usually fighting for the rights of the working class. He calls Rahm Emanuel an “old friend.” What Rahm probably doesn’t know is that Bob makes a mean marinara sauce.

World Class Resorts

The Georgetowner selected a handful of renowned, world class travel experts, who shared with us their favorite international, domestic and local travel destinations of the last year, offering a wealth of insider travel information that even the most traveled readers are sure to appreciate. From resorts tucked away in the canyon valleys of Southern Utah, to romantic Italian villas and hidden local gems, here you will find plenty of reasons to start booking your tickets and packing your bags.

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