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'Amazing!' Mel Bochner in the Tower

An art professor once gave me a great piece of advice: “Whenever you look at a work of art,” he ...

Across the Cutting Board: Calling all Foodies!

As a Christmas present from Across the Cutting Board, chef Ris Lacoste wants to answer all your culinary questions. Do you have any inquiries on cooking techniques, recipes, cookbook recommendations, or epicurean gift ideas? We want to hear!

“A Song for the Horse Nation”

In the pictorial lexicon of American history, there is perhaps no image more potent and quixotic than the archetype of ...

Across the Cutting Board

My grandparents taught me never to waste food. Raised in the Great Depression and ushered into adulthood through World War II, food shortages and rationings were ingrained somewhere deep within them. As food became more plentiful, their habits of conservation never changed, and by the time I was a pitter-pattering little nuisance, what I most looked forward to when visiting them was the fridge full of leftovers...

Reminder: D.C. is Raking Up its Leaves

The Department of Public Works (DPW) began leaf collection last week, Nov. 7, and will continue through Jan. 14. They will be employing vacuum trucks to collect the bulk of the leaves, which are then composted—a much more friendly environmental alternative to having them dragged to the dump.

Reminder: GBA Business Forum Today

Join the Georgetown Business Association at City Tavern Club this Wednesday, Nov. 9 for “Economic Development in Georgetown,” a presentation by D.C. community leaders and Georgetown business owners exploring the current state of economic development in Georgetown and its impact on business.

‘30 Americans’ Say It Loud

Walking up the grand staircase of the Corcoran Gallery of Art and into the rotunda, a noose tied at the ...

Project Inspiration

The very definition of a non-profit is the opposite of many of the motives that drive most organizations. It is ...

100 Years of Quiet Wonder: Harry Callahan at the NGA

This fall art season has brought a number of heavy-hitting exhibits to the Washington stage. Edgar Degas’ dancers arrived en ...

Primary Collars; The World of Tim and Jocelyn Greenan

Walking into the living room of Tim and Jocelyn Greenan, nothing screams out in particular extravagance. Its colors are earthy ...

Pumpkins of Great Potential

“Mother nature is an artist herself, with a palette of colors that create the seasons,” says Chef Ris Lacoste. “She ...

Edgar Degas at the Phillips Collection

As geniuses tend to be, Edgar Degas was a compulsive revisionist. Returning to his canvases again and again, often over the course of decades, the artist left behind a wealth of visual pathways into his process upon his death in 1917.

Across the Cutting Board with Ris: Come Rain, Come mushrooms

With the excess rain, a few seasonal treats are thriving. And one bulbous little fungus is soaking up this wet September happier than the rest. Mushrooms are sprouting in beds across forest floors up and down the East Coast.

Gallery Wrap

Hemphill Fine Arts Models of Freedom

Contemporary Russian art is not usually an uplifting experience. Decades of social and political ...

Last Taste of Summer: Crabs

There really is no Delmarva summer experience as quintessential and satisfying as digging into your very own bucket of Chesapeake blue crabs. And these days, Ttere are enough authentic crab houses in the Metro area to satisfy even the most stringent crab purists.

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