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DC Food Trucks Threatened by Local BIDs

DC area food trucks are in the midst of major opposition from local BIDs and Restaurant Associations in the District ...

Marion Barry Cleared of Official Charges

Five months after charges were filed, the Office of Campaign Finance has admonished the former mayor but cleared him of violating the law.

Chuck Close at the Corcoran

Close’s colossal, hyper-realistic portraiture is as synonymous with his name as Jackson Pollock’s is with drip painting.

Maryland Blue Crabs: A Delmarva Summer Send-Off

Whether you're eating out or going down to the Wharf to pick up your catch alive and fresh, here are the best places in town to get some quintessential crab.

At School Without Walls, A Theatre Without Limits

The D.C. School Without Walls theatre program has blossomed through a young teacher whose mission is to create productions that are not just for the public, but are inspired from within the public.

The King of the Kastles

Mark Ein, owner and founder of the Washington Kastles, the District’s World Team Tennis franchise, has brought his love of tennis to the nation’s capital.

The Purgatorial Restoration of the City’s Flagship AME Church

The Metropolitan AME Church not only been a major center of worship, but also an institution in the forefront of the civic, cultural, and intellectual life of African Americans. It deserves better treatment.

Coming Soon: Electric Car Charging Stations

The U.S. Department of Energy has given a $15 million grant to Coulomb Technologies, the flagship company for electric ...

Public Wi-Fi Coming To Chinatown and Penn Quarter

July 11-15 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Microsoft and the District will host the Worldwide Partners Conference, a ...

District Addresses Overhead Wires for New Streetcar Transit System

A new bill from the D.C. council, the Transportation Infrastructure Amendment Act of 2010, has been put in place ...

10 Trailheads, Inside the Beltway

Even in Washington, you can find trails where you put your dog on a leash, a smile on your face and be as sociable or contemplative as you see fit.

Capital Bikeshare Underway

The District Department of Transportation and Arlington County have named the revamped, cross-city bike sharing system Capital Bikeshare. This name ...

Cutting-edge Digital Signage Introduced at Washington Convention Center

The Washington Convention and Sports Authority have just unveiled an Oculus Digital Signage Network comprised of over 140 digital displays ...

Metro Unveils Monthly Scorecard

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has opened its operating performance for evaluation to the ever-wary public eye. Those interested ...

Gems of Bethany Beach

We pick the hottest hangouts at a Delaware favorite.

Sun, 19 Apr 2015 17:01:25 -0400

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