Amos Gelb

Who Me? Mr. Sterling, the Man in the Mirror and Media Hypocrisy

There is more to this story, especially media-wise, about the Clippers owner and our own reactions.

All Things Media Addendum

For Washington to say this has been the week that changed everything would be an understatement. Arguably, the two more ...

Helen Thomas: a Truly Great Journalist

A hail and farewell to Helen Thomas, pioneering journalist for women, from a journalism teacher, most of whose students are women.

There Is Hope After All

ATM comes not to bury Caesar, but to give a call to action to save him.

A Supreme Court Ruling and a Referendum on the Media

Much has been written about the seminal Supreme Court decision to uphold the Obama health care law. But perhaps less ...

The Daily Caller: Leaving Bruises

In the book and then movie Money Ball, a contrarian baseball general manager defies the sport’s orthodoxy to build ...

Web 2.0, I remember that…

It was not so long ago that the buzz in media was all about Web 2.0 – the sharing, the ...

The Outsider

In the not-for-the-faint world of D.C., you do not exist politically if you are not loathed by at least one group. But David Frum is in an elite category – he is hated by both sides of the fence.

Old Hat, Already

For those of you who might have missed it, there was a first in the White House earlier this month ...

The Joint that Joynt Closed

Nathans, the bar and restaurant on the corner of Wisconsin and M Street, seemed to have been there forever, and for many regulars and others anchored in Georgetown, it was a neighborhood staple. “Happiest day of my life when it finally closed,” said Carol Joynt, the last owner.

Media Watching: A Competitive Sport

A quick look back at the year in media so far. Only four months you might say, but what a four months. Reality TV, for instance, has helped turn cupcakes into pastry Google.


“TBD – sums up its chances of success,” one whit said, when TBD was first announced as the name for the ...

The Importance of Interns

If conventional wisdom and all the pundits are correct, studying journalism or communications in university these days renders you nuts ...

NPR: Eyes on the Prize

There is a new level of irony in Juan-gate at NPR. Senior Vice President for News Ellen Weiss, who spent ...

Mr. Potter Goes to Washington

Upon the release of the first movie installment of the last novel in the Harry Potter series. Are we underwhelmed? Or are we just underwhelming?

Tue, 30 May 2017 06:57:39 -0400

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