Amos Gelb

Anything but Conventional

The inimitable Ted Koppel was the first major television news anchor to break the tradition, opting not to devote his ...

The Best Job in D.C. New Post Man: Fred Ryan

When Fred Ryan was named publisher of the Washington Post Sept. 1, 2014, his role as the architect of the ...

Thanks, Obama, for This Wacky Campaign Season

Thanks, Obama.

Really. Thanks … for Trump, for Bernie, for an election outside any political norm.

Seriously. This is not some ...

All Things Media: It’s Not Just the Discs Spinning

Oh, the drama to end the year. The stuff of “Desperate Housewives of Wherever,” it’s all happening right here ...

Trump and Clinton Play Chutes and Ladders

Oh, how Hillary Clinton wishes she were Donald Trump right now.

I mean purely in the media sense, of course ...

D.C.’s New Business Man

Back in the early 1800s, a French writer toured the embryonic United States, just a few decades after independence. It ...

The Taming of the Internet

The last week of February was pretty monumental in the world of free speech.

Let’s start with the win ...

Old School Is Back

Dear Buzzfeed, Suck it.

So, Mr. I’m-too-sexy-for-the-internet: How does it feel to have a grandma teach you to suck ...

All Things Media: It’s Not About Brian

Obviously, the latest media brouhaha is all about the NBC News anchor Brian Williams, but it is as much about where NBC News is heading.

Charlie Hebdo: Perhaps Not So Fast

The terrorist attacks in Paris last week just might go beyond Charlie Hebdo and just might show up in the U.S.

Journalism Isn’t Dead – Yet

The bad news: Bill Cosby rape allegations and student rape stories at the University of Virginia. The good news: we expect fair and truthful reporting. Accuracy still matters.

The Media Set Him Up: Brown’s Stepfather

No one but the media heard Michael Brown's stepfather Louis Head shout, "Burn the b**** down!" so how could he have incited a riot?

Privacy: A Quaint Notion

Nothing is sacred. For those of you inclined, Google tracks your porn searches.

All Things Media: an Open Letter to the Media -- Give Me (Him) a Break

During this Labor Day weekend, let's agree that it's O.K. for you -- and the President -- to take a vacation and to play golf.

All Things Media:

I never took Sara Just for a masochist. The incredibly smart, able, talented and – by the way – thoroughly nice ABC ...

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