Adra Williams

Cocktail of the Month: Parker's Mark

Food trends are always changing. First the cupcake craze and now donuts. Most interesting lately
has been bacon. Bacon
infused ...

"Come and Play" Annual Costume Gala

Andre Wells' annual Costume Gala, "Come and Play" never ceases to top the year before. 2012's costume gala, held ...

Yelp Fantasy Land

Cocktails, moonbounce and haircuts, oh my! These are just a few elements that accompanied the food trucks, unicorns, DJs and ...

Weddings on Display at The Wedding Salon

Brides gathered at the Madison on Sept. 10 to piece together their dream wedding at the Wedding Salon. Larger-than-life centerpieces ...

Come and Play During the Day

DC event planner Andre Wells hosted a Bagatelle style brunch bash on May 1. Lincoln restaurant was transfomred into an ...

Gift Guide

This holiday season let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them with the gift of consideration, experience, emotion, and stimulation. It’s worth finding a gift that won’t soon be forgotten. With gifts like these, your loved ones will be thankful all year long. Price tags, labels and fads become obsolete in the presence of individually tailored, experiential endowments. No matter what, remember that a little thought with a touch of sentiment always prevails over the tangible. May the holidays provide you joys that supersede your credit card statement!

Sat, 10 Oct 2015 06:52:09 -0400

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