Primary Voting by Hamburgers — R or D — at GTown Bites

O Street eatery shows Republicans beating the Democrats with burgers costing the same price but having Dems get less.

The polling poster about the Gtown Bites counter.
The polling poster about the Gtown Bites counter.

Who said voting during the 2016 campaign is no longer fun?

At least one Georgetown sandwich joint, Gtown Bites, owned by Nasser Zakikhani, has a sense of humor about this year's electoral politics. "We're getting some media attention from our GTB Burger Poll 2016," Zakikhani said.

Gtown Bites at 3206 O St. NW is offering dueling hamburger specials — one for those voting Democratic and another for those voting Republican — and each at the same price: $13.95.

The R-Burger (double cheeseburger, topped with bacon, sexy fries and a can of soda) is "made in America by documented workers."

The D-Burger (cheeseburger, sexy fries and a can of soda) is also "made in America by documented worker." Alas, that's half the size with no bacon, but $3 will be "donated to your choice of the following: Central Union Mission, Martha's Table, House of Ruth — or the Trump campaign."

That is Zakikhani's idea of a joke. So far, the Republicans are beating the Democrats by 13 to 10 — and you can spin that tally any way you want. (Stay tuned: There will be an update when the final votes come in.)

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Sat, 24 Jun 2017 08:00:56 -0400

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